Friday, January 6, 2017


Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and your 2017 is off to a good start:).  We spent the majority of the break traveling back and forth from our house, parents houses, lake house, and we also got to stop in Big Cedar and hit up Silver Dollar City;).  It was surprisingly a super fun few weeks, and I can't believe how much I actually enjoyed living out of a suitcase.  Except for a few days, we were all together, and while I was obviously slightly homesick at times, I surprised myself with being okay from home that long.  It was good and I know the kids enjoyed it as well.

With that being said - I am excited about this coming year and hopeful it is going to be just as great as 2016;).

I thought it would be fun to start the year off with a recap of the projects we completed during 2016.


This project was one of the most impacting ones we had this year - other than of course the bathroom.  But this one was huge people!  We basically live in this back room year round.  It had carpeting which was gross from everyone walking in and out of the back door that is located back here, and also had this old non functioning stove back there that was sitting on this fake brick facade that was an ER trip just waiting to happen.  We tore out the carpet, removed the stove, painted the brick and surrounding walls, and installed hardwoods to match the rest of our house.  The window treatments in here were purchased by myself on probably our third day living in this house, because I could no longer function with those long skinny blind things on a pull cord, and this was a quick fix from Lowe's.  I would love to change these out for something lighter and maybe add in some curtains, but for now spending money on something that is already done just isn't in the budget...  however, this room is so much better now!


This was a small project where I wanted to give the front living room a quick update.  We painted the walls, fireplace, bought a new rug and coffee table - as well as switched out the chairs.  I bet most of you will think from this bottom picture that I really didn't improve this space and it looks kind of cold how it, and it really does from this photo.  When you are physically standing in the space, it actually feels cozy, clean, de-cluttered and simple. This room continues to sort of stump me as I seem to constantly lack the vision for perfecting this space. know I will keep trying though;) lol.


This was the biggest and most expensive project we did this year.  I have done multiple posts on this space and my final thoughts on it are here.  It was extremely intrusive to our daily living, and taught me how to get creative in making my hair look not greasy after not washing it... ;).

To be honest, having the back room cleaned up (carpet and stove out, and replaced with hardwoods) would have been an awesome project to have done this past year.  But, the fact that we tackled the bathroom too - is pretty cool.  These were two of the last spaces we hadn't touched since moving in.   Now that these two (much used) spaces are complete - we are pretty much done with this's time to move! lol.  No but seriously, I need to move because I keep wanting to mess with stuff that I have already completed.  I need to be helping some of you - to keep me from messing with my own spaces! LOL  please give me something to design! jk;)

Happy New Year - cheers to 2017:).



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