Monday, December 5, 2016


Do you all have annual Christmas traditions you do every year with your families?  We obviously had some when we were younger, but I wouldn't say we have too many right now...probably want to get some started  We have tried making gingerbread houses with Michael before, Gwen was too young when we had done it in the past.  However, I would love for one of our traditions each year to be to have each of the kids make their own house, listen to Christmas music, and just hang at our house for the evening with each other.  I think it would be fun to remember back each year how our houses got better and better as we learned the best ways to do them...and different candies to use, etc. Plus - any excuse for us adults to sit at home for a night in and drink wine is a win-win at this household.

This weekend Mike was out of town - and we were looking for something to do Saturday night, so the kids and I stopped by Target and grabbed some gingerbread house kits to work on.  When we got there - I noticed they were on sale for $9 and using the Cartwheel app - I was able to get them an extra $1 off;) - it's the little things, right?

Who knew these things were so dang difficult to put together?!  I mean seriously - wtf?!  The kids didn't mind too much, and they still got in to the decorating, but sheesh... I could not for the life of me get those walls to stay together.  I'm pretty sure Gwen ate about 45 pieces of candy and put about 5 pieces on her house.

The sugar high started to get to her after like piece #30....;).

It was still fun and definitely got me in the music spirit (we even had the Christmas play list going in the back ground;)).  However - next  year I am busting out my hot glue gun!  

Please tell me someone has tips on how to successfully put together one of these?!

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