Friday, November 11, 2016


In lieu of a Fashion Friday post - I wanted to share a super easy, super quick, and super cheap way I updated our bedroom this week - and got a little more in the holiday spirit as well;).

I have never been one to have multiple sheet sets just laying around...I have pretty much always only had 1 sheet set.  I take it off weekly to wash and then put it right back on.  Maybe this is why they always wear so fast...??  I am a pretty simple person, and I do not like to have a ton of "extra" things just taking up space in my house.  However, I also do not have a linen closet, so I have no where to store those extra sheets anyway! lol.

I was taking a casual stroll through Target this week, and spent waaayy too much time looking through their home decor section (which is amazing right now ps.).  But - I saw they had their flannel sheets out and I got so excited!  I have been wanting to get flannel sheets every winter - just never pulled the trigger for some reason (i.e. see reasons stated above;)).  And then I saw these -

These were PERFECT - they were flannel, and they have a Christmas vibe going on to them - which makes me feel so on it for having 'Christmas' sheets on my bed this year;).

I switched out my center pillow a few times while taking these shots.  I couldn't decide which one I liked better... in person the black and tan one looks awesome.  But in these pics I kind of like the cheetah;).

What was SO amazing about this...the sheet set was only $29.99!  I thought that was a steal.  Especially when it made such a big change/impact in our bedroom.  And let me tell you - sleeping with these sheets is so super comfy.

Do you typically change out your sheets during the holiday season?  If so, where do you keep your other sheets?  And what are your favorite times of the year to change them out?  I am so excited about this $30 update, and feel like I am on the sheet 'train' now;).


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