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Have you guys been keeping up with the One Room Challenge?!  I have...and it has been so so good this go around.  Because the featured designers are already half way done (they have 6 weeks to complete - this Wednesday will be week 5) - I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of some of my favorites.

One of my favorites that I have been following is Julia's daughters new shared bedroom, from (link above - below the photo).  They tore out existing double - connected closets and instead are replacing them with these built - in IKEA wardrobe systems.... and that black has me all kinds of excited!  And such a good idea -  I always hate those long slender closets, where basically anything in the middle is like a no mans land - because you can't reach it or get to it anyway, lol.

Another pretty space by - this couch looks so comfy and perfect.

I was so excited to see Casie from Hi Sugarplum participating again!  This wallpaper being installed in her dining room is super fun, and I can't wait to see how it fits in with the space.  She is always so brave and bold with her interior style - something I completely respect and wish sometimes I could do!

SO much inspiration coming from Kristin over at Hunted Interior this week.  That print above is just calling for me, and I have to find a space to use this in - love love love (it also comes in pink;)).

Another amazing transformation from Gwen at The Makerista.  Gwen is another designer that isn't afraid to go for it - I mean this wallpaper; and paired with those light fixtures - very classic, preppy, glam - all at once.  I love all of those windows in this space - can't wait to see the rest!

Can't wait for Wednesday - be sure to also follow along all of the amazingly talented guest designers participating in the ORC as well!  You can find them all linked out through Linda from Calling it Home's site.

Off to get ready for some trick or treating tonight:).

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