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Hi Friends!  Today I have a fun post for you all - it is a guest post written by LuxeDecor (a premium online design shopping site) on How To: Stylishly Style Your Nightstand.

I love this How To - because I know my nightstand is 99% of the time covered in cups from the night before, sippy cups left over from Gwen, tissues, rubber bands, snacks, iPads, chargers, computers, etc.  But, when I have a clear design path of how my nightstand should be styled, it is always easier for me to keep it that way during the week when the chaos of daily living is going on.  Obviously, has you can see from the image above - I like to keep our nightstands pretty simple.  Typically, a vase of flowers, a picture frame and possibly a candle are my go-to's.

Without further ado - keep on reading this guest post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor - she has some great tips on keeping your nightstand stylish, simple, and clutter free.

Whether bombarded with books, piled with papers or overrun with odds and ends, a cluttered nightstand makes for a stressful and serene starved bedroom.  On the other hand, a pretty and properly organized nightstand is both calming and sleep promoting.  If you're hoping to give your bedside table a blissful makeover, there are plenty of ideas to consider.

Here are a few tips and tricks for finding Zen by your bedside:

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While many people opt to utilize small side tables as a bedside landing spot, there are no rules when it comes to a night table.  A small dresser works perfectly as a place for nighttime must-haves like a lamp, jewelry bowl and small mirror.  A mirrored dresser doe double duty as a spot for storing clothing and a place for numerous nocturnal essentials.

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Opt to go rogue by using a desk in place of a small nightstand.  Perfect for those who often work late hours, a large sleep side study space provides room for important documents and office accessories.  Candles, flowers and a journal add extra polish to this pretty bedside post.  

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Ideal for those who love a good flea market find or thrift store treasure, a gold and white trunk provides a glamorous bedside stand.  A smart choice for those who keep small trinkets at the ready, this nightstand holds all the daily basics with a bit of extra fanciful decor in the way of a modern lamp, flowers, candle and acrylic tray.  Bonus:  this shabby chic trunk doubles as a spot for storage like extra blankets and winter wardrobe staples.  

via Land of Nod
A minimalist nightstand is perfectly organized and orderly.  A transparent design allows for all objects to be clearly accessible and on permanent display.  The perfect option for those who want a clean look in their bedroom space, this bedside table holds the necessities like books, an alarm clock and even extra art supplies.

When LuxeDecor launched in 2009, the company had only two employees and a single mission: to exceed expectations for premium quality, luxury home furniture, and an exemplary online ordering experience.  We hand select the finest brand name products and stand behind the quality of each and every product on our site.  We know that you expect the same high level of performance from us all that we could expect anywhere else, and we're happy to meet and surpass your expectations.  

I hope this post was helpful for styling your nightstands!  I love that gold and white antique trunk above - that would make a gorgeous nightstand no matter how it was styled.  

Here are some items I love - that you could use to incorporate into your nightstand designs - based on the tips above.  


Initial image above by Ed Aller Photography

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