Friday, October 21, 2016


The weather around here is finally starting to cool off.  I turned the AC off yesterday and haven't yet had to kick on the heater - perfect weather if you ask me.  So for fashion friday today, I wanted to put together some of my favorite fall items I have seen so far!

Love this grey knit dress for layering.  I would love to wear this with a pair of black and white striped Adidas sneakers for casual errand running, or my Steve Madden booties and a necklace for work...or add in a black choker for a girls night.  And it's only $59;) - score.

I love me the S. Weitzman boots!!  But, how awesome are these - they look sooo similar and are under $120.

This scarf is the bomb!  Love both sides and the price can't be beat.

After I grabbed these pieces individually, I realized they would be so super cute all together!  And I feel like I need to wear this outfit - like yesterday I love it so much.  

Last year I bought this jacket from Madewell and wore it pretty much all fall and as much as I could in the winter - it is awesome.  It was my simple, go to outfit 'completer' last year.  This year I want that piece to be a black leather jacket.  But...everywhere I look they are minimum $400...which I believe that leather is one of those items you can not skimp on - you will pay for what you get.  So I have been doing some digging and found some reasonable priced ones at Mango - this one was my favorite - it is $230, and I love the high neck.  

But then I go back to the whole price per wear concept and I know that if I can find the 'one' - I will wear it non-stop...putting my price per wear low - low - low;).  So - here is the one I really want to get - that belt at the bottom!!!:)

Another go to item that has been on my radar a pair of rugged flat heeled booties - like these - worn by one of the most amazingly talented designers of all the land - Shea McGee.  She rocked these booties while pumpkin patching.  I'm not sure where her's are from - but I found a pair I like below;).

These look SO similar!

We have such a fun weekend ahead and I am really looking forward to some friends and chill-family time:).  I am also hitting up the PB outlet again...will keep you all posted on IG if I find anything good.



  1. All the fall clothes!! I've been listing over those OTK S. Weitzman boots and have been on the hunt for a black leather jacket for 2 winters now! Thanks for posting that Mango version...I find that with outerwear it's so hard to find petite-friendly options that won't overwhelm my frame :-).

    1. Totally with you on the petite thang!! It is hard!



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