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If you ever want to know why I love designing and tinkering around with my house so much - it is solely, 100% due to my Mom.  Ever since I can remember my Mom has always worked on creating her house to be organized, clean, and perfectly decorated.  Some of my favorite memories of the house I grew up in were the Friday nights my parents would invite the neighbors over.  My Mom has never been the kind of person that just casually invites people over and wings it.  No, no, no - she invites people over, and then spends that entire day (if not couple days) before, prepping, cleaning and prepping.  And when I say prepping, I mean prepping the house.  Our house never felt more homey and comforting those nights of (after my Mom worked her butt off;)) - the lights would always be dimmed, a candle would most likely be lit, everything was clean and in it's was just perfect.  I love creating those nights for my family - there is nothing better.

When my Mom surprised Michael and I with her and my Dad's latest project, I couldn't wait to share it here on the blog.  It is AH-mazing!  And what makes this so amazing is that her and my Dad built this entire bunk/cabin bed themselves.  So cool!  This is for Michael - so now when he goes over to my parents for sleepovers, he gets to sleep in this - I mean...I want one for me, right?!

It even comes equipped with it's own lantern for some late-night reading sessions;).

This chick was a huge fan!

I love everything about this - but especially the dinosaur head at the top and the rustic bats on the sides.  The windows actually swing open as well - which you can see from Gwen's pic above.

Somehow Gwen kept popping into all of my pictures - but no Michael - lol.

It is cool it is lofted too - because realistically you could make the space under the bed into something else as well.  Maybe a reading nook - or a storage space for dressers, book shelves??

Here is the photo that started it all.  My Mom saw this (as a true, die hard PB fab) and fell in love.  

image via Pottery Barn
However, my Mom being my Mom - she found a way to have this and make it themselves!  Here is a link to the plans my parents used.  As you will tell, they are somewhat customizable - for both finish out as well as size.  

How awesome is this girl one?!  Ahhh....LOVE it!  and love that space underneath, in both the below and above photos from PB.  In a smaller room, this would really come in handy for toy storage. 

image via Pottery Barn
So, what do you guys think?!  Would you tackle a diy this intense?  I want to something fierce;)...but I would love to tweak it a bit to be a true bunk bed.  Obviously, my ceilings are not 15 feet high - lol, but we might be able to figure something out...  

On a separate note - today is One Room Challenge day!  Today is Week 3 - I can not wait to check out the progress and changes everyone has made.  Be sure to click over to Linda at Calling it Home to see all of the current participants - both featured and guest.


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