Monday, October 31, 2016



Have you guys been keeping up with the One Room Challenge?!  I have...and it has been so so good this go around.  Because the featured designers are already half way done (they have 6 weeks to complete - this Wednesday will be week 5) - I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of some of my favorites.

One of my favorites that I have been following is Julia's daughters new shared bedroom, from (link above - below the photo).  They tore out existing double - connected closets and instead are replacing them with these built - in IKEA wardrobe systems.... and that black has me all kinds of excited!  And such a good idea -  I always hate those long slender closets, where basically anything in the middle is like a no mans land - because you can't reach it or get to it anyway, lol.

Another pretty space by - this couch looks so comfy and perfect.

I was so excited to see Casie from Hi Sugarplum participating again!  This wallpaper being installed in her dining room is super fun, and I can't wait to see how it fits in with the space.  She is always so brave and bold with her interior style - something I completely respect and wish sometimes I could do!

SO much inspiration coming from Kristin over at Hunted Interior this week.  That print above is just calling for me, and I have to find a space to use this in - love love love (it also comes in pink;)).

Another amazing transformation from Gwen at The Makerista.  Gwen is another designer that isn't afraid to go for it - I mean this wallpaper; and paired with those light fixtures - very classic, preppy, glam - all at once.  I love all of those windows in this space - can't wait to see the rest!

Can't wait for Wednesday - be sure to also follow along all of the amazingly talented guest designers participating in the ORC as well!  You can find them all linked out through Linda from Calling it Home's site.

Off to get ready for some trick or treating tonight:).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I have some super exciting news....we recently were able to lock down a contract on a lake house!  YES!  If you all could actually peak through your computer screen and see me right now - you would see me ecstatically jumping up and down, going completely crazy and laughing/crying uncontrollably - all in happiness.  A lake house of my own has been one of those far off - never going to touch - dreams of mine for almost as long as I can remember.  It's almost surreal to think of us actually buying it's been one of those dreams.  Here is a video I took this past weekend of Mike and Michael walking out on the dock for the first time together.  I was having some tech issues uploading, if it doesn't work - I will re-post:).


In true Mike/Shelby style - we were discussing this lake house, and Mike mentions he has a project for me.  I was all excited, saying 'ohh, ohh, what is it?!'  Mike says, 'your project is to see how little money you can spend while decorating and furnishing this house'.  Typically I might have then asserted my disappointed face, and tell him all about how expensive a pillow is, etc.  However, because I don't want anything to get in the way of us owning this lake house - I put a smile on my face, and said, 'absolutely babe!'.  But, because this is a second home, and a lake house - I actually do agree with Mike, and do want to see how little we can get away with spending, but still making some design decisions I have in mind.  I am all about projects and goals, and this is my new little (or big) project!  AND IT IS THE BEST PROJECT I HAVE EVER HAD!!!  lol

The first major project is going to be flooring.  The house was built in the 70's and all of the flooring is original to the home.  There is a bunch of shag carpet (that was probably pretty cool back in the day) that all needs to be replaced.  So - here comes the real point of this blog post - vinyl flooring.

I had always heard of vinyl flooring here and there, but never really gave it much thought.  I just brushed it off - thinking it was cheap and cheap looking.  Fast forward to the present - and I am all over this vinyl flooring trend - lol.  I am convinced it will be the most perfect flooring for this house.  The vinyl I am looking at is sold by the plank, and is waterproof and scratch resistant.  Ummm score for having wet kids and dogs running everywhere.  And the really cool thing is that you can grout vinyl tile!

Here are a few I have found that I have ordered samples.  I want to be able to do a pattern with our tiles, so all of these are the plank style - meaning it is not a roll of vinyl (or a flat sheet).  These will all be adhered using an adhesive.

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7

Here is a major inspiration image for me - not 100% sure if this is vinyl, but it's the pattern I am after here (ever since doing the herringbone in the bathroom, I have really wanted to use it more in an all over space) -

via Houzz
This is vinyl flooring - 

Another major inspiration photo for me -

via Pinterest
And another good example of vinyl flooring looking oh so good -


I can't wait to get these samples in, and share how they actually look and feel.


Friday, October 21, 2016


The weather around here is finally starting to cool off.  I turned the AC off yesterday and haven't yet had to kick on the heater - perfect weather if you ask me.  So for fashion friday today, I wanted to put together some of my favorite fall items I have seen so far!

Love this grey knit dress for layering.  I would love to wear this with a pair of black and white striped Adidas sneakers for casual errand running, or my Steve Madden booties and a necklace for work...or add in a black choker for a girls night.  And it's only $59;) - score.

I love me the S. Weitzman boots!!  But, how awesome are these - they look sooo similar and are under $120.

This scarf is the bomb!  Love both sides and the price can't be beat.

After I grabbed these pieces individually, I realized they would be so super cute all together!  And I feel like I need to wear this outfit - like yesterday I love it so much.  

Last year I bought this jacket from Madewell and wore it pretty much all fall and as much as I could in the winter - it is awesome.  It was my simple, go to outfit 'completer' last year.  This year I want that piece to be a black leather jacket.  But...everywhere I look they are minimum $400...which I believe that leather is one of those items you can not skimp on - you will pay for what you get.  So I have been doing some digging and found some reasonable priced ones at Mango - this one was my favorite - it is $230, and I love the high neck.  

But then I go back to the whole price per wear concept and I know that if I can find the 'one' - I will wear it non-stop...putting my price per wear low - low - low;).  So - here is the one I really want to get - that belt at the bottom!!!:)

Another go to item that has been on my radar a pair of rugged flat heeled booties - like these - worn by one of the most amazingly talented designers of all the land - Shea McGee.  She rocked these booties while pumpkin patching.  I'm not sure where her's are from - but I found a pair I like below;).

These look SO similar!

We have such a fun weekend ahead and I am really looking forward to some friends and chill-family time:).  I am also hitting up the PB outlet again...will keep you all posted on IG if I find anything good.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


If you ever want to know why I love designing and tinkering around with my house so much - it is solely, 100% due to my Mom.  Ever since I can remember my Mom has always worked on creating her house to be organized, clean, and perfectly decorated.  Some of my favorite memories of the house I grew up in were the Friday nights my parents would invite the neighbors over.  My Mom has never been the kind of person that just casually invites people over and wings it.  No, no, no - she invites people over, and then spends that entire day (if not couple days) before, prepping, cleaning and prepping.  And when I say prepping, I mean prepping the house.  Our house never felt more homey and comforting those nights of (after my Mom worked her butt off;)) - the lights would always be dimmed, a candle would most likely be lit, everything was clean and in it's was just perfect.  I love creating those nights for my family - there is nothing better.

When my Mom surprised Michael and I with her and my Dad's latest project, I couldn't wait to share it here on the blog.  It is AH-mazing!  And what makes this so amazing is that her and my Dad built this entire bunk/cabin bed themselves.  So cool!  This is for Michael - so now when he goes over to my parents for sleepovers, he gets to sleep in this - I mean...I want one for me, right?!

It even comes equipped with it's own lantern for some late-night reading sessions;).

This chick was a huge fan!

I love everything about this - but especially the dinosaur head at the top and the rustic bats on the sides.  The windows actually swing open as well - which you can see from Gwen's pic above.

Somehow Gwen kept popping into all of my pictures - but no Michael - lol.

It is cool it is lofted too - because realistically you could make the space under the bed into something else as well.  Maybe a reading nook - or a storage space for dressers, book shelves??

Here is the photo that started it all.  My Mom saw this (as a true, die hard PB fab) and fell in love.  

image via Pottery Barn
However, my Mom being my Mom - she found a way to have this and make it themselves!  Here is a link to the plans my parents used.  As you will tell, they are somewhat customizable - for both finish out as well as size.  

How awesome is this girl one?!  Ahhh....LOVE it!  and love that space underneath, in both the below and above photos from PB.  In a smaller room, this would really come in handy for toy storage. 

image via Pottery Barn
So, what do you guys think?!  Would you tackle a diy this intense?  I want to something fierce;)...but I would love to tweak it a bit to be a true bunk bed.  Obviously, my ceilings are not 15 feet high - lol, but we might be able to figure something out...  

On a separate note - today is One Room Challenge day!  Today is Week 3 - I can not wait to check out the progress and changes everyone has made.  Be sure to click over to Linda at Calling it Home to see all of the current participants - both featured and guest.


Monday, October 17, 2016


Friends!  It has felt like so long since I blogged - I have missed my late night computer sessions dumping out my latest home decor loves with all of you!;).  We finally made it back from our 11 day vacation, and I know everyone says this when they get back from a vacation with kids, but I 100% needed a vacation from my vacation.  Everything was perfect, we were extremely lucky to not be affected by Hurricane Matthew, good food, good family time, all was well.  But, for those of you who have kiddos - you just know, and I don't need to say anything further.

Because we decided to come home on a has been balls to the wall since we stepped foot off of that plane.  Jumping back into work, school, meetings, school mornings, lunch packing, real life, etc. - it is no joke;).  Because of the timing, I decided to take the rest of the week off from blogging to try and clear my head and re-focus on some ideas for the rest of the year.

We had a super busy and super fun weekend, but I couldn't wait for Sunday morning!  Sunday morning was my day to hit up the Pottery Barn Outlet that recently opened up in St. Louis.  From what I have heard this is a pop-up shop only, and will not be around forever.  If anyone knows of a timeline - please share.  I was also told they receive shipments every week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

My Mom has already been a few times and snagged some awesome deals, so my expectations were pretty high.  Be prepared to dig and possibly bring a pair of scissors or a pocket knife to open up boxes.  There was a ton of merchandise there, and a lot of it was still in it's box.  It did have the name of the item on the side, and I was spending quite a bit of time on my phone googling to see what was inside the box.  But, if I would have been by myself (I had Gwen with me) - it probably would have been easier to just open up the boxes to see what was inside.  Because they get shipments each week, I am assuming their inventory changes.  This week there was a ton of PB Kids items...tons of comforters, duvet covers, sheet sets, curtains (they had those awesome pom pom curtains!), a lot of the Emily and Merritt collection, and various other decorative items.  I was a little disappointed with the prices of some of the furniture items.  A few of the items had significant damage to them, but they were still not marked down to what I would classify as a clearance sale price.  I am all for repairing small dings/scratches, but these were more like deep gashes or grooves...

I loved these, and they were only $130/each - which I thought was decent -

I have an obsession with owning a pair of trunk style end tables...I search for them everywhere I go.  These were gorgeous, but still $250/each - so no go today...

 LOVED this rug...

And this one too -

Is there a PB outlet near you?  This is the first I have heard of one, and feel lucky it is so close to me;), lol.  If you have been to one - did you find anything you had to have?!  And if so, was the price right??

Friday, October 7, 2016



We are in Florida this week - luckily on the west coast, so we haven't been affected by Hurricane Matthew - other than a little rain and wind.  I can't imagine being on the east coast during all of this...scary stuff.  I hope everyone is staying safe and listening to the officials in regards to evacuations and storm intensity.  

Because we are on the beach today - I wanted to share where I found Gwen and I's swimsuits for our trip.  I found Kortni Jeane awhile ago on Instagram and have been waiting for the right time to order something.  And obviously I knew I wanted to get Gwen and I a matching suit of some kind;).  Kortni Jeane has the cutest swimsuits that I feel are Mom appropriate for  But beware - they have tons and tons of options - from patterns, colors and styles.  It took me forever to finally pick the one I purchased.  I also ordered a size up for Gwen as a backup to make sure I had the right size for her. 

If you are looking for a cute suit for you and your mini - me, definitely check it out.  I did end up getting Gwen a size that seems a little big on her this year, but I wanted to make sure it would still be able to fit her next summer.  

Happy Friday:)xo

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hi Friends!  Today I have a fun post for you all - it is a guest post written by LuxeDecor (a premium online design shopping site) on How To: Stylishly Style Your Nightstand.

I love this How To - because I know my nightstand is 99% of the time covered in cups from the night before, sippy cups left over from Gwen, tissues, rubber bands, snacks, iPads, chargers, computers, etc.  But, when I have a clear design path of how my nightstand should be styled, it is always easier for me to keep it that way during the week when the chaos of daily living is going on.  Obviously, has you can see from the image above - I like to keep our nightstands pretty simple.  Typically, a vase of flowers, a picture frame and possibly a candle are my go-to's.

Without further ado - keep on reading this guest post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor - she has some great tips on keeping your nightstand stylish, simple, and clutter free.

Whether bombarded with books, piled with papers or overrun with odds and ends, a cluttered nightstand makes for a stressful and serene starved bedroom.  On the other hand, a pretty and properly organized nightstand is both calming and sleep promoting.  If you're hoping to give your bedside table a blissful makeover, there are plenty of ideas to consider.

Here are a few tips and tricks for finding Zen by your bedside:

via Pinterest
While many people opt to utilize small side tables as a bedside landing spot, there are no rules when it comes to a night table.  A small dresser works perfectly as a place for nighttime must-haves like a lamp, jewelry bowl and small mirror.  A mirrored dresser doe double duty as a spot for storing clothing and a place for numerous nocturnal essentials.

via Darconseil
Opt to go rogue by using a desk in place of a small nightstand.  Perfect for those who often work late hours, a large sleep side study space provides room for important documents and office accessories.  Candles, flowers and a journal add extra polish to this pretty bedside post.  

via Knock Off Decor
Ideal for those who love a good flea market find or thrift store treasure, a gold and white trunk provides a glamorous bedside stand.  A smart choice for those who keep small trinkets at the ready, this nightstand holds all the daily basics with a bit of extra fanciful decor in the way of a modern lamp, flowers, candle and acrylic tray.  Bonus:  this shabby chic trunk doubles as a spot for storage like extra blankets and winter wardrobe staples.  

via Land of Nod
A minimalist nightstand is perfectly organized and orderly.  A transparent design allows for all objects to be clearly accessible and on permanent display.  The perfect option for those who want a clean look in their bedroom space, this bedside table holds the necessities like books, an alarm clock and even extra art supplies.

When LuxeDecor launched in 2009, the company had only two employees and a single mission: to exceed expectations for premium quality, luxury home furniture, and an exemplary online ordering experience.  We hand select the finest brand name products and stand behind the quality of each and every product on our site.  We know that you expect the same high level of performance from us all that we could expect anywhere else, and we're happy to meet and surpass your expectations.  

I hope this post was helpful for styling your nightstands!  I love that gold and white antique trunk above - that would make a gorgeous nightstand no matter how it was styled.  

Here are some items I love - that you could use to incorporate into your nightstand designs - based on the tips above.  


Initial image above by Ed Aller Photography

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