Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This weekend sure felt like fall around here - the weather was AH-mazing - like seriously AH-mazing!  It was cool in the morning - the sun came out in the afternoon - but it never felt hot.  It really made me excited for fall!  We were out of town all weekend with family, but obviously all I could think about was getting home to start decorating our house.  I actually kind of suck at decorating my house for the seasons...I love love fall and Halloween (they are my favorite seasons/holidays of the year), but when it comes time to buying decorations that I will have to store and not look at for 3/4 of the year, I always have such a hard time with it.  I day dream about the day that Mike and I strike it rich and I can go out and spend thousands of dollars on just Halloween and fall decorations - my house will have those cute little ghost statues by the fireplace, with pumpkin pillows and plates (that will obviously be set up super cute and pretty looking on my 'nice'/not used dining room table).  One day;) - and I will blog ALLL about it!  LOL  Until then, I will continue to put together mood boards of my favorite fall items on my wish list and share and daydream with all of you!;)

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