Thursday, September 29, 2016


I finally had an evening free to get my Halloween decor out.  We are leaving this weekend for Captiva, so I wanted to be sure I had it out and decorated before we left.  We get back mid-month, so I know those last few weeks will fly by.

This year I used all existing decor I had from prior years.  I ran up to At Home the other day and almost bought the entire - and since we are leaving for a long vacation this weekend, I decided I should try and save my cash-ola for the beach;).

Last year I bought the Happy Halloween banner and spooky birds from the Spirit Halloween store when we were there buying costumes for the kiddos.  I love how simple the birds are, but really pack a punch on the spook factor.  As soon as I got them out, Gwen wouldn't come near them!  She kept saying, "", lol - it was so cute.

Here is a link to a super cute Halloween banner that is almost identical to mine (also on sale right now;)) and some spooky birdy's (as Gwen would call them) - that are definitely on the cheap.

The leaves I have had for yeeeaarrs...I honestly can't even believe they are still holding up.  But this year I tried a new trick that really brought them back to life.  I straightened them with my hair straightener, lol - no joke.  They were all crumbled up from being in the tub all year, and while some of the plastic might have..... melted onto my straightener - it was worth it to make my leaves all straight and fluffy like.

Here is a link to some fall foliage from JoAnn's.  It is also on sale right now;).  I like buying these longer stands of greenery and then cut them down to fit the specific spaces.

The flying bats were a Target purchase last year and am so excited I decided to keep them.  For some reason last year when I was taking them down, I started throwing them in the trash.  After I was about half way through throwing these precious paper guys away, I realized what I was doing, and hoarded all of them in my Halloween box for the next year.  I re-hung them up with the command stickers that are the "no damage" ones.

Here is a link to a super easy and cheap DIY to make some paper bats very similar to these.  I was going to do this if my bats from last year decided to die from being in that tub all year long;).

I shopped our backyard for the dead twigs in the vase;).  It's all about shopping what you already have and getting creative to use in your current situation.  I love the sort of spooky amount of real life they bring to the mantle.  

And then I couldn't wait to take some pictures at night, when the sun went down - love when all of the candles are turned on and lit!

Just look at those fluffy feathers;)!

What is your Halloween go to for decor?  Do you try and decorate one specific area of your house?  Or do you do all over?  We have an annual Halloween party that I will work on decorating more of the entire first floor of our house.  But, for now the mantle brings just enough pumpkin and spookiness vibes.


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