Monday, September 26, 2016


Have you guys seen those awesome giant paper flowers?  I have seen them all over Pinterest for both room decorations, as well as backdrops at weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc.  So this weekend - my Mom and I made some for Gwen's room!

They turned out awesome!  I was hesitant posting these pics, because I didn't have the best lighting when shooting these, but I seriously could not wait to share with you guys.  They were super fun to do and made a big effect in her room.


We used THIS pattern purchased off of Etsy for $20.  It gives you the patterns for 5 different flowers as well as leaves (can't wait to get to these).  It also includes the templates you download and YouTube videos on exactly how to make each one.  Pretty good deal we thought.  But there are tons of different ones you can buy and make.

But here is the kicker - once you make like 10 of will start to get your own ideas on ones to make and different patterns to use on your own;).

We used card stock I grabbed from Michael's that morning for buy one get one;).  Also make sure you have a hot glue gun, good scissors, a pencil, and a large highlighter.

STEP 1 -

Purchase Etsy pattern (link to one we used is above), print out PDF - which includes the patterns - then pull up the YouTube videos.

STEP 2 -

After you select which flower you want to make, cut out all the patterns related to that specific one.  Then trace each pattern on the card stock - using as many sheets as you need per the pattern (to speed things I up, I found I was able to hold three sheets together in order to cut three patterns at once).  After you have everything cut out and ready to go - I would recommend watching the entire video on how to put that specific flower together - it's like 5 mins and it will make sure you don't jump ahead and you don't have to pull your petals apart after you have already hot glued them together (and no, this did not happen to me;)).

STEP 3 -

Start glueing and putting that flower together!  Be careful when rolling the edges with the highlighter..I tore a few of our leaves the first ones I did.

Easy peasy right?!  Honestly, the hardest one was the first one.  I ended up making 7 of these guys in one day, and I promise it will get easier once you just get the first one under your belt.

I plan to move these around once we get Gwen's dresser in her room - but couldn't wait to at least get them hung up somewhere.

What do you guys think?  Good thing I did not know about these when I got married - I feel like I would have recruited a flower making posse to make me hundreds of these bad boys for our

If you guys end up making - please share a photo and tag me!  @grey.loves.grey on IG - I would love to see!


  1. Love those! I feel like you should make a "faux" juju using this technique!



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