Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I apologize in advance for not doing a design or home decor post today - but we are leaving for our annual Captiva trip in about a month and I have had it on the brain hard core for the past week.  What to pack, what I'm going to wear, what will the kids wear, what do I want Gwen to wear, do those summer sandals Gwen had this year still fit her, if not can I still order her new ones, does Michael even have any nice shorts that still fit him, I need to get a beach bag, workout, swimsuits, I should finally order those one teaspoon jean shorts I have been wanting for ever, along with a pair of those really cute tie up sandals that everyone wears - you know the ones that look cute with jean shorts and or a dress, and look cuter than just wearing flip flops?  This is just a handful of the random thoughts that keep popping in my head this week.  It is seriously overwhelming people.

So here is what I have gathered so far...

Beach Bag - obviously this will be essential so I just ordered this one.  One of my girlfriends has this bag and loves it.  Hoping I love as well!  And I added the extra $12 on and had it monogrammed;).

Swimsuits - I really wanted Gwen and I to have some kind of matching suit.  Last year I stumbled on Kortni & Jeane's instagram page.  They have the most insanely cute suits - and they also sell matching ones for your little ones!  eekkk!  I have been waiting to order one of these until Gwen was big enough to really wear.  I thought this was the perfect excuse - so I ordered these.  They showed up a few days ago - and while I do love them, I'm wondering if I should exchange for a slightly different style?  Again - I have no decision making capabilities when it comes to myself...I need a decision making assistant desperately...

Link to Kortni Jeane site - Gwen loves hers!;)
Sandals - I've been wanting those gladiator style sandals for some time now.  I love how everyone has been wearing them with casual outfits, but they look a little more dressed up than wearing flip flops.  When I was in Nordstrom's the other day they had these on sale for $22!  I tied the strap around my ankle though - to make them a little more 'gladiator' style;) lol

Shorts - Another item that has been on my wish list alllllll summer long has been a pair of One Teaspoon Bandits - similar to these -  I haven't pulled the plug yet on these, still on my list though and I know I wouldn't regret the purchase.
Day Outfits - I'm always wanting something comfy and casual to wear while we are in Florida.  I keep thinking shirt dresses would be perfect, along with a handful of swim suit coverups.  

I ordered a white simple coverup from ASOS a few weeks ago, it was on sale and I can't seem to find it again, but I did find these cute ones I think I might order...?

I am also really wanting to try the eyelash extensions...I know it sounds kind of crazy, but a few of my friends that have tried them all told me the same thing - that they LOVE them and they never have to wear makeup because of the lashes.  So I thought they would be perfect while on vacation when you really never want to wear makeup anyway.  I am trying to get an appointment, and will keep you all updated on that end;).

What - there is so much to do and gather!  How do you pack for your trips?  How do you know what to pack so that you have enough, but haven't brought too much (b/c I hate overpacking)?

HELP! lol....  to be cont'd...



  1. Go to Christina at Wink iboutique! The Keratin Lift is what I am thinking about getting!

    1. Ohhhh! Thank you - I will check it out!!



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