Thursday, September 29, 2016


Because I am still so hooked on these overalls - here is another outfit variation for Fashion Friday.  These overalls are so flexible - they look good with SO many different style tops (I have tried them on with almost every single one of my tops;)), and instantly will make you will put together when you are trying to keep it casual and comfy.

And obviously, I wore my favorite booties once again...the cost per wear on these things has to pennies!

Here are the links to all items above -

overalls (similar - same brand; I grabbed these on sale;)) // booties // top (similar) // hat 

We are leaving for Captiva tomorrow...can't what for FF next week;).  Hope you all have a fab weekend:)xo.  Happy Shopping!


I finally had an evening free to get my Halloween decor out.  We are leaving this weekend for Captiva, so I wanted to be sure I had it out and decorated before we left.  We get back mid-month, so I know those last few weeks will fly by.

This year I used all existing decor I had from prior years.  I ran up to At Home the other day and almost bought the entire - and since we are leaving for a long vacation this weekend, I decided I should try and save my cash-ola for the beach;).

Last year I bought the Happy Halloween banner and spooky birds from the Spirit Halloween store when we were there buying costumes for the kiddos.  I love how simple the birds are, but really pack a punch on the spook factor.  As soon as I got them out, Gwen wouldn't come near them!  She kept saying, "", lol - it was so cute.

Here is a link to a super cute Halloween banner that is almost identical to mine (also on sale right now;)) and some spooky birdy's (as Gwen would call them) - that are definitely on the cheap.

The leaves I have had for yeeeaarrs...I honestly can't even believe they are still holding up.  But this year I tried a new trick that really brought them back to life.  I straightened them with my hair straightener, lol - no joke.  They were all crumbled up from being in the tub all year, and while some of the plastic might have..... melted onto my straightener - it was worth it to make my leaves all straight and fluffy like.

Here is a link to some fall foliage from JoAnn's.  It is also on sale right now;).  I like buying these longer stands of greenery and then cut them down to fit the specific spaces.

The flying bats were a Target purchase last year and am so excited I decided to keep them.  For some reason last year when I was taking them down, I started throwing them in the trash.  After I was about half way through throwing these precious paper guys away, I realized what I was doing, and hoarded all of them in my Halloween box for the next year.  I re-hung them up with the command stickers that are the "no damage" ones.

Here is a link to a super easy and cheap DIY to make some paper bats very similar to these.  I was going to do this if my bats from last year decided to die from being in that tub all year long;).

I shopped our backyard for the dead twigs in the vase;).  It's all about shopping what you already have and getting creative to use in your current situation.  I love the sort of spooky amount of real life they bring to the mantle.  

And then I couldn't wait to take some pictures at night, when the sun went down - love when all of the candles are turned on and lit!

Just look at those fluffy feathers;)!

What is your Halloween go to for decor?  Do you try and decorate one specific area of your house?  Or do you do all over?  We have an annual Halloween party that I will work on decorating more of the entire first floor of our house.  But, for now the mantle brings just enough pumpkin and spookiness vibes.


Monday, September 26, 2016


Have you guys seen those awesome giant paper flowers?  I have seen them all over Pinterest for both room decorations, as well as backdrops at weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc.  So this weekend - my Mom and I made some for Gwen's room!

They turned out awesome!  I was hesitant posting these pics, because I didn't have the best lighting when shooting these, but I seriously could not wait to share with you guys.  They were super fun to do and made a big effect in her room.


We used THIS pattern purchased off of Etsy for $20.  It gives you the patterns for 5 different flowers as well as leaves (can't wait to get to these).  It also includes the templates you download and YouTube videos on exactly how to make each one.  Pretty good deal we thought.  But there are tons of different ones you can buy and make.

But here is the kicker - once you make like 10 of will start to get your own ideas on ones to make and different patterns to use on your own;).

We used card stock I grabbed from Michael's that morning for buy one get one;).  Also make sure you have a hot glue gun, good scissors, a pencil, and a large highlighter.

STEP 1 -

Purchase Etsy pattern (link to one we used is above), print out PDF - which includes the patterns - then pull up the YouTube videos.

STEP 2 -

After you select which flower you want to make, cut out all the patterns related to that specific one.  Then trace each pattern on the card stock - using as many sheets as you need per the pattern (to speed things I up, I found I was able to hold three sheets together in order to cut three patterns at once).  After you have everything cut out and ready to go - I would recommend watching the entire video on how to put that specific flower together - it's like 5 mins and it will make sure you don't jump ahead and you don't have to pull your petals apart after you have already hot glued them together (and no, this did not happen to me;)).

STEP 3 -

Start glueing and putting that flower together!  Be careful when rolling the edges with the highlighter..I tore a few of our leaves the first ones I did.

Easy peasy right?!  Honestly, the hardest one was the first one.  I ended up making 7 of these guys in one day, and I promise it will get easier once you just get the first one under your belt.

I plan to move these around once we get Gwen's dresser in her room - but couldn't wait to at least get them hung up somewhere.

What do you guys think?  Good thing I did not know about these when I got married - I feel like I would have recruited a flower making posse to make me hundreds of these bad boys for our

If you guys end up making - please share a photo and tag me!  @grey.loves.grey on IG - I would love to see!

Friday, September 23, 2016


Fashion Friday is here again!  Love these posts - especially when I get to wear something in my two favorite colors - black and white;).  I apologize this post is getting up a few hours late...we had a super busy week, with events and meetings every night.  I am ready for the weekend.

This super cute black and white top is from the St. Louis local online shop, Mas & Ford.  If you are on instagram - I am sure you have seen me wearing a bunch of their stuff before.  The owner - Jules - lives in Brentwood as well, and she always has the cutest and latest items.  And if you are not already signed up on her mailing list - do so, as she shoots out pop up sales almost every Friday, so it's totally worth it.  And this top is only like $30!

I love jeans from American Eagle.  I am short and petite, which they offer options in "short", which is amazing, and they all different styles.  ANDDD...they are almost always on sale - I think right now they are buy one get one 50% off.  I tagged a bunch of cute distressed ones from there below - that are all very reasonably priced.

We have another busy weekend ahead - going to try and sneak in a little work on our other bathroom Saturday morning - we will see if I can get to it or not;).  Happy Friday friends!


top // jeans // sandals (these are the ones I mentioned in a few posts back - that I bought for our beach vaca coming up.  The site says they are all sold out online, but these are a very similar pair.)

Monday, September 19, 2016


One of my favorite designers/bloggers/authors shared a ton of before and after pictures of her most recent home - that she is currently selling.  I was so inspired and pinned every single one of the photos under my "DREAM HOME" board.  One of the main reasons I felt so drawn to this house was this feeling that it was so liveable , yet still 'decorated' - and when I say decorated, I mean decorated.  ugh - it is just amazing!

Here is the link to Lauren's entire blog post - below are some of my favorite spaces.

She said they have a front yard vegetable garden - ahh... too cool -

Entryway - check out that antique olive oil jug, and custom made floating entry table -

Each space is uniquely decorated, but it all flows so good together and from room to room -

Here is a closer view of the custom made entryway table - leading into the dining room -

Love this single brass pendant - with the horns in the background -

This kitchen left me with absolutely zero much gorgeousness!  Love how she used the single smaller light pendants versus can lighting.

A closer shot of the range view -

This lighting is everything - along with those chairs.  I wonder if these chairs were bought like this, or re-done?  Either way, they are amazing.  I love a space that is clean, simple and understated - no fuss.

If you have a chance, check out her entire blog post (link above) - seeing the before and afters together are so inspiring.

So, if you are like me - you look at a home like this and see the before and after shots and think - okay how can I make my house look like this?  Well, here are my takeaways from these photos -

1. Her home is organized, simply stated, clean - no clutter.  Keep things de-cluttered.
2. When it allows for it - keep windows clean - with no window treatments.
3. Consider painting trim a color different from white.
4. Paint all walls white.
5. Collect as many pieces as you can - and incorporate into your home design.
6. Go with what you like - not what you think is 'in style', etc.
7. Consider what you want your overall vibe of your house to be - then incorporate this vibe throughout the spaces, allowing for unique pieces here and there to identify and separate the rooms.



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