Monday, August 15, 2016


The day has come...this weekend we busted out Michael's old toddler bed and took down Gwen's crib [insert crying face emoji's times 1,000].  We used that crib for both of our kids and was a gift from a handful of my closest girlfriends when I was super young, and pregnant with Michael.  I remember looking at the prices of cribs online and could not imagine purchasing one.  Finally, I found one I liked at Target and I remember it was only $150!  When my girlfriends surprised me with it at my shower, I couldn't believe it - and just remember thinking how grateful I was for what they did!  Hard to believe I was still using it up until this afternoon [again - insert crying face emoji].

Let me preface this by saying I have secretly started the planning/shopping on what I want to do for Gwen's big girl room for the past few weeks (sorry Mike when you are reading this).  A big part of the plan was getting Gwen a new bed.  Initially, I was wanting Mike to build something like this -

via Pinterest
But, then I got hooked on creating an old school/vintage vibe - so lately I have been really excited about this one (which is super fun because it is adjustable and can start in a size similar to crib length, and then be lengthened to a typical twin size bed -


I am really leaning toward the metal framed one above.  However, I am still buying some final items for the bathroom, and have have have to finish that before I can run off and start spending money on something else.

So...for the time being, I wanted to get Gwen started in a big girl bed, and why not start her off in the one that we already have - I mean I do love shopping within in my own home.

Here is right after we set it up - she was a bit excited;) -

Then I couldn't take it and started to try and layer in "my" things....;) -

She couldn't stay away;) -

", Minnie and Micky have to go here, and these ones go here" -

 I jumped back in after she was bored and went downstairs for a snack;) -

I have so many plans for this small, special space -

And because today is the first day at her new school - I snapped a few shots of her's so dang cute!

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