Friday, August 5, 2016


One of the biggest struggles I have had with designing our bathroom was how to get the perfect mix of metals.  i.e. I knew I wanted to include the antique brass, but I also wanted to keep it traditional, so I knew I would have some chrome or nickel in there as well.

So the issue has do I do this without the bathroom looking like a combobulated mess that was not a well thought out design?!

For starters - here were some of my inspiration photos when it came to mixing the metals -

So...what is the secret you say to getting that perfect mix of gold/black, gold/silver, etc?!  I had an epiphany tonight after literally beating my head against the wall for days over this...

Here is what I just figured out and I am going to recommend to all future clients/friends -

Select one metal that you really love and want to be the main focus of your space - whether that be brushed nickel, antique brass, or chrome.  This will be the majority used; so for example, let's use my bathroom.  Incidentally, I chose chrome for the main finish.  The shower head, tub faucet, handheld and sink faucet are all chrome.   The shower rod, toilet paper holder, towel ring, and light fixtures are chrome as well.

Then choose the metal you are going to use HERE AND THERE to compliment your space and not make it feel so builder grade-ish.  The phrase "here and there" is the key here - this complimenting metal will only be used sparingly - it can not compete with the main metal selected above.  Using my bathroom as an example - I choose antique brass to be my other metal - and it is used on the mirror and sadly that is all.  [I say sadly because I am having hard core second thoughts on just going with my gut and using the brass for my shower fixtures.....however, it will have to wait for the next project...].  I bombarded Mike tonight when he got home from work saying that I think we need to change out the shower fixtures.  lol - he laughed and then told me I was crazy and I "needed to get over it" and appreciate what I have - again, lol.  After this bathroom is over - as promised I am going to do a post on lessons learned.  Guaranteed  - this will be on the top of the list ("design for you and your family - no one else; especially not potential buyers because you might one day sell your home").  Although that second comment regarding potential buyers - can be true in some circumstances.  But, most certainly it was not in this situation.

In summary,  as the second/third metals do not compete with the main metal - you will be good.  When I say compete, I mean compete with visual attention.  i.e. when you look at the space, make sure you do not see more of the second/third metals than you do the initial/first metal chosen.

After thinking about it this way - it seems so simple, lol - and if you go back and look through the above photos, you will see this is how they were designed as well.

Are you trying to work with mixing metals in your home?!  I would love to help in any type of decor assistance you are needing in your home - email: for further details and pricing.


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