Monday, August 22, 2016


This weekend we were looking for a quick and easy pancake recipe as Michael requested pancakes Friday night while we were tucking him into bed.  My typical go-to recipe is one I have shared in the past from Clinton Street Bakery.  This recipe is the bomb, but it is not something I would describe as being quick and or easy.  It also requires you to have a handful of ingredients in your kitchen as well.

So Saturday morning while I am digging through my cabinets seeing what I have, or what I don't have (all while having a slight headache from the night before:(...) - I decided to jump online and see if I could find something simple, but still good.  Here is what I found and it was SO SO good!  Like almost as good as Clinton Street...:).

Recipe is Martha Stewart and can be found HERE.  I followed it exactly, but did double it for the four of us.  In case you are one to read the reviews - don't.  90% of the reviews said this recipe was awful, but it couldn't be farther from that.

What is your go to Saturday morning breakfast?!  As you can tell from the below photo - my kids prefer their pancakes drowned in syrup.  Cheers!

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