Wednesday, August 31, 2016


This has pretty much been me for for the past three days...however, take out the baby carrier (b/c obviously I don't have one that young ;0) - but replace it with a hundred other items.  Like maybe Michael's Pokemon binder and or cards, then Gwen has to have hers as well, Gwen's purse or shoes, because there's no way she can put them on inside the house, a water bottle or two because it is so hot and humid here we have to take water bottles to school with us right now, and maybe just maybe I might be carrying something for me; if I can remember things like my work bag and computer or a snack or lunch;).  Buttt... no complaints - just real life! lol.  I CAN and am able to do these things and that is what counts;).

My husband has been out of town this week, and while I really did try to put together a post last night - it just didn't turn out as good as I had hoped.  And I really do want to strive for quality over quantity....but I'll be back Friday!  He gets back tonight:)!

Happy hump day friends!xo

Ain't nobody messing with this Mama and her babes;)

Monday, August 29, 2016


I am hunting for a few finishing pieces for our bathroom, and found myself digging the internet for a good turkish hand towel to hang on our towel hook.  So, I wanted to share some of the ones I found, since it hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be.  Well to clarify, it would be if I didn't mind spending $90 on a hand towel...but, unfortunately I probably need to keep it a little more locked up than that;).  Just to clarify I was looking for one that had a turkish vibe to it; i.e. the stripes, light faded color, with tassels.


1 (I ordered this one in grey) // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6  (awesome price) // 7 //  8

Friday, August 26, 2016


Happy Fri-yay friends!  I'm excited to share this cute embroidered red top I grabbed last week during my Target trip.  I think it worked perfect with a pair of distressed jean shorts, but could easily be worn with jeans or even with dress pants/skirt for work.  The color seemed a little more fall-ish to me as well.

And because I love these boots so much:) -

top // shorts // boots // hat (similar)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - thanks for much for reading this week! xo

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


One of my favorite retailers to shop at is Ikea - and when they opened one up in St. Louis this past year, it has been so heavenly!  So, obviously I get excited when a new catalog with new products shows up at my doorstep.  Below are some of my favorites that would be hard for me to pass up -

Monday, August 22, 2016


This weekend we were looking for a quick and easy pancake recipe as Michael requested pancakes Friday night while we were tucking him into bed.  My typical go-to recipe is one I have shared in the past from Clinton Street Bakery.  This recipe is the bomb, but it is not something I would describe as being quick and or easy.  It also requires you to have a handful of ingredients in your kitchen as well.

So Saturday morning while I am digging through my cabinets seeing what I have, or what I don't have (all while having a slight headache from the night before:(...) - I decided to jump online and see if I could find something simple, but still good.  Here is what I found and it was SO SO good!  Like almost as good as Clinton Street...:).

Recipe is Martha Stewart and can be found HERE.  I followed it exactly, but did double it for the four of us.  In case you are one to read the reviews - don't.  90% of the reviews said this recipe was awful, but it couldn't be farther from that.

What is your go to Saturday morning breakfast?!  As you can tell from the below photo - my kids prefer their pancakes drowned in syrup.  Cheers!

Friday, August 19, 2016


Happy Friday friends.  So, yesterday I took the day off to run errands, laundry, get ready for  the weekend and pretty much just get caught up from the first week back to school.  Obviously, Target was on my list - and I do not know anyone that can stop in to Target and not make a run through the clothing aisles.  Well....I did, and found this super cute black lace trim kimono.

I paired it with a simple white tank, my new fall boots I grabbed from the Nordstrom sale, and jean shorts because it is still so hot here.  Such an easy and inexpensive piece to throw on a simple outfit to give it more detail.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - thank you so much for following along this week.  Much love to you all.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post about the plants I added in my bathroom.  I am so excited how they turned out.  It added the perfect amount of life and natural element to the space.  Here are some of my favorite designed spaces using indoor plants -


Do you love the greenery in your spaces too?!


Monday, August 15, 2016


The day has come...this weekend we busted out Michael's old toddler bed and took down Gwen's crib [insert crying face emoji's times 1,000].  We used that crib for both of our kids and was a gift from a handful of my closest girlfriends when I was super young, and pregnant with Michael.  I remember looking at the prices of cribs online and could not imagine purchasing one.  Finally, I found one I liked at Target and I remember it was only $150!  When my girlfriends surprised me with it at my shower, I couldn't believe it - and just remember thinking how grateful I was for what they did!  Hard to believe I was still using it up until this afternoon [again - insert crying face emoji].

Let me preface this by saying I have secretly started the planning/shopping on what I want to do for Gwen's big girl room for the past few weeks (sorry Mike when you are reading this).  A big part of the plan was getting Gwen a new bed.  Initially, I was wanting Mike to build something like this -

via Pinterest
But, then I got hooked on creating an old school/vintage vibe - so lately I have been really excited about this one (which is super fun because it is adjustable and can start in a size similar to crib length, and then be lengthened to a typical twin size bed -


I am really leaning toward the metal framed one above.  However, I am still buying some final items for the bathroom, and have have have to finish that before I can run off and start spending money on something else.

So...for the time being, I wanted to get Gwen started in a big girl bed, and why not start her off in the one that we already have - I mean I do love shopping within in my own home.

Here is right after we set it up - she was a bit excited;) -

Then I couldn't take it and started to try and layer in "my" things....;) -

She couldn't stay away;) -

", Minnie and Micky have to go here, and these ones go here" -

 I jumped back in after she was bored and went downstairs for a snack;) -

I have so many plans for this small, special space -

And because today is the first day at her new school - I snapped a few shots of her's so dang cute!


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