Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Where we live the yards are small.  We have a grassy area, however, there is not much of it and it is sketchy on the amount of sunlight it gets due to the shadows from the house and garage.  Therefore, any of the gardening I do is within containers - container planting.  I wanted to share a few cute garden planters and planter boxes that I am loving right now.  Maybe even throw in a few fun diy projects you guys can try;).

These origami ones from West Elm are very modern, but would make such a fun statement -

Love love this diy idea I saw on House Beautiful a few days ago via Ellery Designs -

Here is another awesome diy one.  I think this entire box was handmade, but you could easily buy one of these boxes from Lowe's/Home Depot and then do the diy initial on the front -

You could never go wrong with these galvanized metal ones from Pottery Barn -

These pots were originally found at Ross, and then this simple diy trick was used to add on the stripes.  I think I know what I am going to be doing this afternoon... #blackandwhiteobsessedforever ;) -

This next one I actually saw at one of our friends houses a few weeks ago.  This is obviously not a good shot of what these could look like (I just downloaded this off the web to show you the container I was talking about).  But, my friend had a bunch of those paint buckets left over because her husband is a contractor and owns a bunch of rental properties.  She spray painted these plastic buckets and planted flowers in them.  She lined them up around the perimeter of her house and they were so fun.

These are the buckets I am talking about -

Check out this blue/turquoise ombre one (another diy;) -

Then I started googling "outdoor diy garden planters" and stumbled upon a TON of fun ideas.  My takeaway is that you can pretty much plant flowers in anything - even a pair of shoes! LOL (insert crying face emoji here)...

But on the flip side - I am obsessed with this idea because something like this would be perfect for small yards like mine where I have the wall space, but not much grass space -

What are your go to outdoor pots?  Do you tend to keep the same ones year after year?  They always seem kind of pricey.  I usually end up buying mine at Lowe's, but because they have like 2 options for large planters, I see them everywhere.  I feel a bit inspired by these diy projects to change mine up a bit;).

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