Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Welcome back!  Hope you all had a safe and relaxing 4th:).  We spent the weekend out of town with family and while we had a blast, I am definitely excited about being home and getting back into our normal day to day.  Since we are into week 3 of the bathroom project (original timeline was 2 weeks) - dealing with some major delays this weekend - I thought I would start this post with this pretty bathroom picture to keep me focused;).

For starters, I am not good at being patient.  It is a fault of mine, and I am constantly working on improving.  But I do love, and I mean LOVE renovations - so the nice and pretty silver lining is I am going to have one kick a** bathroom when this is all said and done.

our tub went in late Sunday night - whoohoo!
I wanted to share some things we have been doing around here to try and keep our house as organized and clean as possible.  Remember - we only have one shower in our house, so it has been tough from keeping the shampoo bottles ending up on the kitchen counter, and the kids soap in the sink, toothbrushes on the ledge of the downstairs toilet, towels laying on the floor, etc.  Mix construction dust into all of this and you end up with one nasty house.

Whenever starting any home renovation - you need to think about the dust.  Even if your contractor sets up a zip line/screen - the odds are still very good that you are going to end up with the dust over everything in your house.  Our bathroom is on the second floor, and I have noticed it in my main floor, back living room.

This is gross, but wanted to show the amount of dust on our blinds (this window is right outside the bathroom)
For starters, I grabbed a few of these plastic containers from Target (they didn't have the 8 pack at the store, but very similar).  I stashed our day to day items, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, kids shampoo/soap, lotion, and hair brushes in one of these and set it in the downstairs bathroom.  This way the kids and I can use this bathroom as much as we could our upstairs one.  I also try and throw the washcloth and hand towel in here too (our main floor bathroom is tiny tiny;)).  Next I stacked all of our towels, my hair dryer, straightener, etc. in a box in Michael's room.  Because his room is the largest, it gets pulled in for double duty at times like these.

What I have been doing these past 2 weeks (which was when the dust was the worst due to demo, etc) was I would sweep up the main living areas of our house each evening (we have all hardwoods on the main level, which makes it easy), and then run my Swiffer over the floors to try and get up as much of the dust and dirt as I could.  I also will take some pledge and wipe down any hard surfaces in my living room and back room that do not get used day to day (like the kitchen counters do; as these are wiped down like 25 times a day).  This weekend I kind of had a mini breakdown over all of the dirt and actually wiped down all of the doors and door handles with disinfecting cleaner.  But, it just took me a few hours on Monday and I instantly felt a little better about the situation.  I also wiped down all of the blinds throughout the entire house.  This was a game changer (see photo above).

Wish I had an easy answer, but I think the jist of this post was I wanted to share one of the negative side effects of doing major construction inside your home.  As well as that anyone will deal with these issues if they decide to take on a renovation, while still living in the space.  So if you are out there dealing with a big project in your home, try and not stress (like I did this weekend), stay relaxed and try....try..;) to see the bigger picture.  It will all be worth it in the end.

ps.  I promise lots of pretty and inspiring after photos will be about 3 weeks;).



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