Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Monday friends.  This weekend flew by - and we had such good intentions of finishing up our remaining list of to do's on the bathroom.  Well... let's just say our list is still there - lol - and we are leaving today for a week of family vacation.  Next weekend will be the weekend - it has to get done then.

Lately, I have been in a funk with what I am going to wear everyday.  Not sure if it is the heat, the rain, my lack of gym time, or what.  But, it is starting to get me down slightly.  I want to get rid of everything in my closet and start fresh, buy a new wardrobe.  Is that possible?  Does anyone do that, other than Kim Kardashian? lol - I am serious.  I have been on a jean short kick and thought it would be fun to do a fashion post on three different outfits paired with the same jean shorts.  Until I can pull a Kim K. - I hope these styles can bring some Monday inspiration to you;).

shorts // top // shoes // sunnies

shorts // top // shoes // clutch

All three of these are pretty casual - however, I had to include those espadrille wedges in #3 - LOVE them!  This outfit would be perfect for a girls night out - or date night.  The top in #2 is a little bit more on the nice end, but the shorts and sandals keep it super casual.  I could see myself wearing #1 day in and day out during the week, while picking up kiddos, running errands, etc.  I am really into the bodysuits lately, and I like how this one is not super skin tight.

Happy Monday - as always, thank you for following along!

Friday, July 22, 2016


Thank you all so much for your sweet and supportive comments on Wednesday's post.  Hands down it was one of my favorite posts to do, and helped me realize how much we have really done and how far we have come.

So for today - I thought I would share how we decided to add in our sectional in our back living room.  But first - to back up - our home has a front living/sitting area, and then in the back there is another living room area that was a previous addition.  The front sitting area seems a little more formal to me (however, there is absolutely nothing "formal" in my house), while the back room is a straight up comfy, cozy, kid friendly/dominating space.

When we bought our house our back room looked like this (a few photos I shared in Wednesdays post) -

Notice that large bricked area in the corner...this was one of those old school stoves, that should have heated our house if we could use it.  However, there were a number of things wrong with it - first off there was a bend in the exhaust pipe, which was blocking the correct air flow; so we could have died from CO2 had we actually ever lit a fire.  Secondly, there was no screen in front of it, and there was carpet about a foot away from the front of the stove.  Meaning, if there was a fire, there would have been black ashes spitting out everywhere, and all over the carpet lol.  Third, to me that brick facade (it was not real brick) was a complete danger zone for kids.  I can't mention how many times I would play this vision in my head of one of our kids tripping on a toy about 3 feet in front of the stove and crashing their head down right on the corner of that fake fireplace.  Luckily, this never happened - but still that thing had to go.  And lastly, it took up so much space in what is a really good size room.  The photos are hard to see it all, but that fireplace took up a huge chunk of the corner, which meant a couch had to be pushed over to the right of the room, versus sitting in the center.  My despise for that stove knows no - I swear I evil eyed that thing every single day it was in my house...(almost 2 years).

...until the day Mike tells me he is leaving for a 10 day vacation.  At that moment, I just knew this was my time to makeover that back room.  This was my moment to rip out that crappy fireplace and carpet and instead replace with hardwood that matched the rest of our house and a big comfy, cozy sectional for all of us to be able to watch movies together on our chill nights at home.

Luckily, it didn't take too long to find the perfect sectional from IO Metro (unfortunately, they no longer sell that size - and IO Metro is now Erdos ) - we ended up getting a pretty sweet discount since it was one of the last ones left at the store.    Buying a sectional can be overwhelming.  You want it to be comfortable, but also be able to withstand the constant wear and tear from daily use.  It is also tricky getting the correct layout and size.  Measure, measure and measure again to ensure you choose one that is large enough to fill the space, but also not too large to take over the room.  When we first saw this sectional in the store it looked huge and thought there was no way it would fit in our house.  But, when we got home and measured, we couldn't believe how perfect it did fit, and how we actually could use one more chair along the back wall in order to extend it out to the right just a tad!  They are also not cheap.  The sectionals I choose below I feel are reasonably priced - it is just a fact that sectionals are expensive and you will most likely spend at least a thousand dollars, or a few if you want a larger sized one.

Here is one of our sectional's biggest fans -

I got lucky when taking this shot and snapped it quickly in between him chewing up the rug every second of his life -

Again, our dogs are clearly fans of the new hardwood -

THE most comfortable sectional you will ever sit on -

A few more fans -

Here are a few of my favorite sectionals right now - if you are on the hunt!

Smaller version of ours -
This one has a ton of different sizing options -
This one comes in different color shades and fabrics -
Midcentury style-
Love this one with the nailhead trim detail -
This slipcover one is from Pottery Barn - but check JCPenney online - they have one that is very similar, but half the price -
Great price for one this size-
Lastly - a good leather one -

Happy Friday friends!  If you are in the hunt for a good sectional - I hope one of these helps you make a decision.  

I would love to help you design your home - whether it's picking out paint colors, layout options, selecting finish outs in a new build, or working on sourcing products - email me at for pricing.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Recently, I met with a close friend who is closing on a new home and needed some assistance in picking out paint colors, design ideas, etc.  During our discussions we covered every room in their new house and realized after awhile that they would need to start making some tough decisions.  Decisions on what are the most important items on the list, and which items get ticked off that list first.  It then made me start thinking about when Mike and I first bought this house, and all of the things that we wanted to do and how overwhelmed I was with costs, budgets, costs,

I thought it would be fun to do a post sharing some before and after pics of a few areas of our home that we have touched.  I am hoping to do a full home tour post after we get this bathroom of ours wrapped up;).  Which - by the way is getting close.  Mike finished painting tonight, electrical is supposed to be finished tomorrow, and Thursday is reserved for hanging the vanity, hooking plumbing, hanging pendants and mirror...ahhh - I can not wait for Thursday.

We bought our current home at the end of 2013, so we have lived here for almost 3 years and I can't believe it.  This is the longest we have ever stayed in a home.  While it feels good to have been able to feel really settled and "at home", I would be lying if I said I didn't feel an itch to pack up and move again - start fresh and with a new clean slate.   Confessions of a chronic mover;).

Here is the front of our home when we bought it -

Here is a picture I took while we were having our landscaping revised.  It is not the best picture, and doesn't show the final landscape changes, but you can still see some of the changes we have made -

Here is our front living room (before) -

Here is the after -

Kitchen -

After (kitchen) -

Back living room (before) -

After -

Another before of the back living room (check out that sweet stove, that was not functional;)) -

After we removed that beast -

Front entry (before) -

After -

Michael's room (before) -

After -

Our bedroom (master)/before -

After -

Gwen's room (before) -

After -

Main floor half bath (before) -

After -

There you have it folks - these are a ton of the changes we have made so far.  While some I have not finished photographing, these are a TON of the things we have done to this little house of ours;).  Looking back through this post makes me feel really good about all that we have done in only 3 years.  But, thinking back at each of these projects makes me remember how many tears, late nights, "working on the house weekends", money, money and more money we have spent on this home.  My husband consistently tells me that it is always something with me, that I am always onto the next thing as soon as one gets done.  This is obviously a very true statement and something I am guilty of doing, but is that a bad thing?  Is it a bad thing to constantly be wanting to improve, make better, make changes?  Jury is still out on this one.

I hope this post helps some of you who might be going through a move, purchasing a new home, or maybe wanting to re-do parts of your current home realize that things will improve, things will get better with time.  Both waiting on time to save money and waiting on time to finish and plan projects.  There are a few projects I wish I would have waited longer on and planned them out better.  True to my husbands comment above, I tend to move pretty quickly through my own home...right or wrong.

I would love to help plan out your home.  Whether it be brainstorming paint colors, assisting with room layouts, window treatments, lighting options, etc.  - please email: for more info.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Where we live the yards are small.  We have a grassy area, however, there is not much of it and it is sketchy on the amount of sunlight it gets due to the shadows from the house and garage.  Therefore, any of the gardening I do is within containers - container planting.  I wanted to share a few cute garden planters and planter boxes that I am loving right now.  Maybe even throw in a few fun diy projects you guys can try;).

These origami ones from West Elm are very modern, but would make such a fun statement -

Love love this diy idea I saw on House Beautiful a few days ago via Ellery Designs -

Here is another awesome diy one.  I think this entire box was handmade, but you could easily buy one of these boxes from Lowe's/Home Depot and then do the diy initial on the front -

You could never go wrong with these galvanized metal ones from Pottery Barn -

These pots were originally found at Ross, and then this simple diy trick was used to add on the stripes.  I think I know what I am going to be doing this afternoon... #blackandwhiteobsessedforever ;) -

This next one I actually saw at one of our friends houses a few weeks ago.  This is obviously not a good shot of what these could look like (I just downloaded this off the web to show you the container I was talking about).  But, my friend had a bunch of those paint buckets left over because her husband is a contractor and owns a bunch of rental properties.  She spray painted these plastic buckets and planted flowers in them.  She lined them up around the perimeter of her house and they were so fun.

These are the buckets I am talking about -

Check out this blue/turquoise ombre one (another diy;) -

Then I started googling "outdoor diy garden planters" and stumbled upon a TON of fun ideas.  My takeaway is that you can pretty much plant flowers in anything - even a pair of shoes! LOL (insert crying face emoji here)...

But on the flip side - I am obsessed with this idea because something like this would be perfect for small yards like mine where I have the wall space, but not much grass space -

What are your go to outdoor pots?  Do you tend to keep the same ones year after year?  They always seem kind of pricey.  I usually end up buying mine at Lowe's, but because they have like 2 options for large planters, I see them everywhere.  I feel a bit inspired by these diy projects to change mine up a bit;).


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