Friday, June 10, 2016


For this Friday's post - I wanted to mull over some things I would change if I were able to re-do our kitchen.  Or...say, we bought a new house - the things I would do differently this time.  And just as I am typing this, I feel like I might have done a post like this in the past??;)....hmmmm - oh well.  Let's do it again.

I wish I would have splurged for the white apron front porcelain sink, versus the stainless.  While I do really love our stainless, it has gotten scratched up, and while I love the look it brings to the kitchen - you just can't go wrong with the classic vibe a white porcelain apron front brings.  But you will pay for it;).

Next up would be the pendant lights above our island.  This was one of the dead last items I purchased for the kitchen, and I needed them here asap for the electrician.  I had lost all inspiration at this moment, and jumped on Pottery Barn and ordered something basic and cheap.  Again - this was one of the last purchases and our budget was toast at this point.  Next house will have my dream pendants - here.

I did spend a ton of time debating over what paint colors to do the cabinets and island.  I knew I wanted a darker island color with white cabinetry.  I selected this color by Benjamin Moore - however, it turned out waaaaaayyy different when it was sprayed on by our cabinet makers, than when I had it sampled on an old cabinet in the garage.  It turned out very green/sage-ey...which honestly doesn't look bad.  But, it wasn't what I was envisioning.  I remember the night after it was installed - I kind of had a freak out moment.  My husband was kind enough to tell me to sit on it for a night, and if I still hated it in the morning, he would re-paint it by hand that weekend.  Wow - right?!  lol - I was 8.75 months pregnant at the time;).  If I had to do it again, I think I would do a grey/black - or what I would really do is have a marble waterfall island - and probably just paint the cabinet fronts white.  

Hands down - I would not even need to think twice - I would not do white cabinets again.  They look gorgeous when completely cleaned up, however, I am constantly wiping them down from kiddos dirty hand prints.  I realize I was caught up in the white kitchen look, and I have to admit I still am - but I would love to do a dark cabinet and not stress over the white getting dirty, marked up, Gwen riding a princess cart across one leaving a red/pink mark that I can not get off, etc.  

I wanted to include this next one, but this isn't something I would necessarily change in our current kitchen - because I still love the ones we have.  However, I would do brass hardware, with brass sink faucet.  

This last one I am doing strictly for the marble haters out there.  I had Carrara Marble installed on our counter tops and counter surrounds.  However, chose to do butcher block on the island (I knew this would be a heavy-heavy traffic area - and it is).  It is not honed either.....I wanted that shiny true marble look.  Here is the truth - are they somewhat stressful - absolutely.  Does it make me sound like a crazy person when people use my kitchen and I instruct them on what they can and can not do on the countertops?  Certainly.  Have they patina'd and have some water marks and stains?  Yep.  Do I love them and would I change them out if money were not an option?  HELL NO.  I have a slight love affair with my marble countertops and would not change a thing.  Now would I do them again, if we were to move and build a new kitchen?  Possibly not - I think I might try a quartzite instead.  But, if I had the chance to install Calcutta Gold Marble - I would cry with happiness and simply be sure to have them honed first.  It would also depend on if I was building a new house.  My house was built in the 40's and while the kitchen was completely gutted, it still has the bones of a 1940's house.  My house will never be perfect, it will always have cracks somewhere in the plaster or drywall, etc.  For me, the small areas of patina on the marble add character to the house and kitchen; similar to the fact that my house has character given it is not a new build.  

Because I feel like I should end on a positive note - I have been so happy with this super large bulletin board.  It was another one of those game changer, the heavens opened up - finds at Restoration Hardware Outlet.  It is perfect.  I love that it houses all of our calendars, kids artwork and random mail.  

Before ending, I also want to mention that after re-reading this post I realize that the majority of the items I would change would be to spend more money and splurge on items I really wanted to do.  Well, truth is, that is not always an option, nor is that always necessary to do.  Important thing is to stay within your budget and choose items that are similar to the high dollar ones you really want.  Nothing is worth being stressed out financially.

Cheers to you all and this weekend;) -


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