Monday, June 27, 2016


Because I always end up inadvertently spending half my weekend soaking up the latest home design images on Pinterest - I thought it would be fun to share my top pinned images this weekend that I loved and had to save.

Obsessed with this kitchen - love the shades of blues in the living room, and how the bright white pendants stand out in the background.  And that marble backsplash is a dream.

This living room has always been a favorite of mine, I can't believe I haven't pinned it until recently.  I have always wanted to incorporate this black and white rug into my day I will;).

This wall art has be all sorts of inspired.  These are the kinds of photos when I look at them, I instantly get inspired and want to start diy'ing art all over my house.

Because I have had bathroom on the brain - this weekend I was specifically looking online for turkish towels to add to our new bathroom.  I decided I want to have two robe hooks installed over the tile, at the end of the tub - and I think two turkish towels would look so inviting.  

And because I am having such a hard time deciding on the finish outs for the accessories for the bathroom; should I do chrome accessories to match the shower and bath hardware?  Or do the antique brass look I love?  I really wanted to the bathroom to have a classic and modern feel, and felt like chrome is the perfect look for this vibe.  But....every time I see the antique brass in a bathroom I have some pretty heavy envy going on..... lol - so I thought why wouldn't I do the easily changeable items in the brass? Like the toilet paper holder, towel holder, shower rod and holders?!

I am also working on a new and exciting post(s) to share with you all!  It has to do with the bathroom and 'vlogging";).  Because the bathroom has turned into such a huge project, I really want to share it all with you guys and show you our route to having an updated bath in our 1940's pink and black tile nightmare!   Photos just don't do it justice...until next time...;).

Happy Monday friends - xxxx



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