Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Do you ever find yourself thinking you want to start over?  Or maybe where you are is not the end all be all?

Lately, our conversations at home (and by "our" I mean my husband and I) are circled around our "5 - 10 year" plan.  The husband feels very strongly that if we do not have a vision of what we want or where we want to be, we will never end up anywhere good, or anywhere we want to be.  This frustrates me to a level that is not explainable (no worries, we have talked through this;)) - but, how in the world am I supposed to know where the right place to be is in 5 years?  If it was just me, my husband and our dogs - I don't think the stress would be there, as I would feel a lot easier about the fact of uprooting and starting somewhere fresh.  But, when you have a 5 1/2 year old in your family that has 5-6 friends within walking distance, an amazing school with amazing teachers, how can you justify taking that away from him?  Will you ever find that again?  Is that what happiness is all about?  Friends who live around the corner, and schools you can walk too?  Or will a 100 acre piece of land with cows we can walk out and mess with, chickens we can collect eggs from, and horses we can go riding on make him equally happy, confident and strong?  Here is the answer:


So simple right?! lol - yeah right...  Part of our conversations have also been centered around me and my career goals.  What is it that I want to make of my career, and where do I see it falling in the coming years.  These types of conversations really have me thinking about this blog and the hopes and dreams I have for it.  I am working toward making some changes here and I am really hoping you all like (and if not - please comment and let me know;)).  One of the first ones if my commitment to post 3x a week - MWF is the schedule.  When I first started blogging, I shot for 5 days a week - which was very unrealistic given my current schedules and responsibilities.  Missing a nightly post was starting to stress me out and take away from the real enjoyment of blogging.  So, while the long term goal is to get closer to the 5 days a week - for the short term, we will stick with 3 days a week around here.  Second thing, is I am going to start mixing in more fashion and sharing more of my day to day outfits and loves on the blog.  I enjoy keeping it real in the fashion department (as in realistic; I possibly wear the same black yoga pants for 3 days straight), and I hope to stick to that in my posts;).  Third, I want to make the blog more of a resource for you - more of a go-to for day to day home decor and fashion ideas.

So, here is to second lives and the daredevils out there who are brave enough to follow their dreams and take chances on the unknowns.  It is easy to stick within our comfort zone, but it is when we reach beyond that imaginary line we make for ourselves that I think we truly start living and reach the level of happiness we all seek.


MyDomaine has started a new series called, "Second Life".  The summary of the series is to weekly share stories from women who conquered their fears and made the biggest change in their lives.  If any of my above ramblings hit home with you - I would recommend reading this quick post (link above) - enjoy!;)

G and I at Top of the Rock in Big Cedar this past week

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