Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Photo: Amber Interiors
Persian/turkish rugs are everywhere right now - love love love them!  If you saw my bathroom post a few days/weeks ago, there was a persian rug in the plan;).  So, I have been on the hunt trying to find one that isn't uber expensive.  Fast forward to this past weekend - we were in Jeff City, and made a stop by a friends new home.  She told me about this amazing online rug source -

This site is amazing you guys - seriously inexpensive rugs.  A few of the 3x5 ones I am considering ordering for the bathroom are only $77!

Here are a few of my favorites in their respective sizes:

All of these above can be found on the esalerugs site, here.

While browsing the other night, I have noticed they don't have a ton of color variations/options in the 3x5 size range.  Not sure if this changes when looking at 8x10's, or 5x8's?

After learning of this site - I have been noticing a handful of my favorite instagrammers have sourced this site on their rugs - I feel so clueless for missing this amazing source.

One of my favorite nursery's:
Photo: Amber Interiors  
ESale Rug used in Chris Loves Julia's latest kitchen renovation:
Photo: Chris Loves Julia
See why I NEED one of these in my new bathroom project?!:

Photo: Studio McGee
If you guys check them - I would love to hear if you find anything!  I'm still mulling over which one to order for the bathroom and would love to see any good finds:).

PS.  Progress update on the bathroom:  Husband continued demo work last night...holy concrete!  There is concrete everywhere behind these tiles.  It is slow going, but we are getting there.  The goal is to have all of the wall tile down by the end of the week.  We will see where we get.


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