Monday, June 20, 2016


I have always loved off the shoulder styles - like always have loved.  I can remember back in college looking for an off the shoulder "going out" shirt;) lol.  So, I have been so excited to see them come back in the stores these past few months.  I especially am loving the swim suit versions - they are on my wish list...and keep creeping up toward the top.

I saw this top at Nordstrom's last week while I ran through on my way out of the mall.  I love love this top - the material is great, the part on the sleeves that sits on your shoulders is tight and stays on your shoulders really easily.  But my favorite part of this shirt is that under your arms, the shirt comes all of the way up to your under arm.  So if you were lifting your arms up, you wouldn't feel like you were flashing everyone some side boob;).  A lot of the off the shoulder tops recently have had that, and because I am a fan of not wearing a bra as much as possibly, especially with these kinds of tops - those always made me feel so self conscious.

I also loved the colors, and was a perfect shirt to dress up a pair of jeans.

I tagged this top HERE (I am wearing a 2) - but also included a few of my favorite off the shoulder looks below.

Anyone have any fun Monday plans?!  Our "official" bathroom renovation starts today - the guys should be here after I get home from dropping off the kids at their summer camps.  They will have to start on demo today - hoping it goes fast, and they can knock it out in 1 day.  Promise to give an update on Wednesday:).

All photos by Kelly Leavitt

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