Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Is anyone anxious to see some progress shots of the hallway bathroom renovation?!  In typical renovation style we are behind schedule, and costs are adding up.  It seems that each day there has been something unique pop up that we have had to stop, discuss and assess what we were going to do.  After today's conversation - I almost ended up with a new soffit in my living room?!  wtf - I know that is what you all are thinking, it is at least what I was thinking.  I know you are also thinking, what is this chick talking about...we were just discussing a bathroom, and how does the living room have anything to do with this...well, that is lesson 001 in home renovations.  The project always expands, and always reaches to areas of your home that have no relation to the 'real' project at hand.

Good news - I was home during the above conversation and nixed the soffit (insert praising hands emoji right now).

More good news is that we are almost ready to put the tub in.  This is huge folks - because even though it won't be tiled, there will be no vanity, lighting or a toilet - we will at least be able to shower at our own house!  whoop whoop.

Bad news is that I have received 2 cracked tubs now...which depleted the stock at the distributor that is close by, so now a tub from the manufacturer is being shipped to me in STL from it won't be here until Friday.  ugh....beyond frustrating...but what are you going to do.  I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that this third one gets here on Friday and is not cracked.  I have an unhealthy relationship right now with this tub, and while I keep showing it love, I am afraid I am going to be disappointed again.  But - back to thinking positive - it IS going to show up on Friday and it IS going to be perfect is what I keep repeating to myself.  Along with, it IS going to be installed on Friday, and I will be able to shower in my own bathroom this weekend.   Repeating this non-stop until then.

I have been having some major back and forth over using brass/champagne bronze fixtures.  I adore all of these bathrooms I see on instagram and pinterest that use the brass shower heads, mirrors, towel bars, etc.  BUT - when it came down to this bathroom, I was really wanting something a little more classic - more specifically an understated classy classic.  Does that make any sense?!  And not to sound cheap, but the brass is more expensive than the standard finishes, and while I totally would have pulled the trigger if I was 100% confident in the brass route...but, because of the overall classic feel I was going for - I was hesitant.  So, I have finally come to my plan - I ordered the shower/tub combo parts, wand, etc. in chrome (you can never go wrong with chrome).  These are also pieces of the bathroom that are not easily replaced in the future.  But I did decide to have the toilet paper holder and towel ring in the brass;) - and my mirror is the antique brass, and the light fixtures are chrome.  Way confusing I know, but the point is that I am doing a mix of chrome and brass/champagne bronze and am pretty excited about seeing how it all turns out.  Plus I can easily switch out the toilet paper holder and towel ring and won't be out too much extra money if I ever wanted/needed to.

Here are a few progress shots of where we are currently:

The rest of this week I need to order the vanity faucet.  I initially purchased this one from Home Depot - it was cheap and had the style I was wanting, but I really dislike that it is one unit.  I want three separate pieces, like this one.  Thinking of ordering this one.  Unfortunately, there isn't much room left in the budget for the faucet, so it has to be the look I am going for but also on point, price wise.

Alright friends, that is all I have for you now!  But, I promise to be back with more soon;).

Thank you all!xo

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