Monday, June 13, 2016


I love switching things up with my hair, however, lately for some reason I have been playing it the same for awhile...not really making any changes.  I did go a little more blond last summer, as well as went a little darker in the fall - but nothing dramatic.  I have been considering cutting my hair into a long "lob" - but I keep freaking out when it comes time to sit in that chair.  My hair is a part of me and who I am, and am worried about automatically becoming that stereo-typical "Mom" who has kids and has short hair.  Even though I have LOTS of beautiful friends who have cut their long hair off and it looks SO good - more mature, professional and just put together.  Sometimes with this long hair, it's hard to look "put together" unless I spend about 1.75 hours blow drying and then curling...which let's be honest, happens about once a month;).

I have been loving this lavender look for some time now - and have been secretly hoarding these types of photos;):

And then I came across this Pinterest page, and have been even more obsessed.....

So - I finally talked to my hair stylist about this lavender hair crush I was having for like the past 9 months, and she was so casual about it and was like, "oh totally we can do that - so simple - I just did it on a girl a few days ago - you could totally pull it off".  Whoohoo - just the encouragement I needed from my talented and amazing hair guru.

However, there are a few things I have learned after messing with non-traditional hair color - it is HARD to get the exact color you are wanting!  I thought it would be as simple as slapping in some lavender hair color from a bottle that says "If you want Lavender hair use me" - just like with blonde/brown highlights, and bam you have the color you want.  It is not that - the first time we did it, we played it super safe and just did a little, and only left the toner in for a short amount of time.  This looked awesome immediately after she did it, but was more pink than lavender.  And...washed out after about 3 washes.

This was on the drive home:

So, I went back and we tried again - this time a little more aggressive.  In order to get that lavender I was really wanting my hair colorist said that it might take a few times of doing this in order to get the color saturated in your hair - makes sense to me.  I also learned that you probably need to start off a little darker than the color you are actually envisioning, because it will fade so fast (comment above) - it will fade into the color you are wanting.  Which is awesome, but slightly disappointing because I only ended up with the color I was actually going for for about a week before it faded almost completely away.

Here I am at the salon:

Here it is the next day (a little too purp-ley, but still cool):

And here it is a few days later:

So...I am still working on this;) lol.  The second time it washed out in about 3 weeks:(.  Which honestly isn't a terrible thing.  Because while I think purple hair is cool - I do still have a day job and not sure if this really screams, "working professional" while in the office, haha.

Do you all have any tips/tricks you use when coloring your hair a color?!  I am obviously a complete newbie with this and could use any advice on how to get the color you want and how to get it from washing out so quickly.  In the meantime - I will continue obsessing over photos like these -


Happy Monday friends:)xo

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