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Okay, it will probably be more than 5 minutes...but I am going to try and do this short and sweet.  Big Cedar Lodge is a huge place with T O N S of different activities; both indoor and outdoor.  We went this time from a Monday through Thursday.  The weather was back and forth - rainy, warm, sunny - it kind of flip-flopped throughout the week.

1) LODGING - There are two different ways to rent a condo/cabin/lodge, etc down at Big Cedar.  You can either rent one directly from the resort.  Or you can rent one from an owner who has a timeshare down at Big Cedar (try this link).  There are tons and tons of people with time shares, I would definitely recommend exploring this option first.  My Dad was able to grab an awesome deal on our cabin we stayed at last week through a private owner.

2) DRIVE TIME - From STL it was ~3 hours and 30 mins.

3) TO DO - This is where I am going to try and keep it short and sweet.  There is a plethora of activities going on, constantly.  Check out the Big Cedar Lodge website for a calendar.  We printed this off a few days before we left, and my Mom called and signed us up for the activities we knew we wanted to do in advance.  We also brought this sheet with us and it was helpful to reference while there; in case the kiddos were getting antsy or we just wanted something different to do.

getting dirty making tie dye shirts
4) FITNESS - I wanted to include this, because I was a little disappointed in their yoga classes.  My sister and I were super excited to do a sunrise yoga, which I assumed was offered a few times a week.  However, after checking out the fitness schedule a little closer, we realized the times were offered mostly during the weekend, with one or two on a Monday or Friday.  Because we traveled down on a Monday, and left on Thursday we had to miss out this time.

5) MOM'S - There is a bad-axx spa there!  I highly recommend all Mom's go spend a few hours at this place.

this is the entrance - so cool
6) DAD'S - Free kayaks, paddle boats, fishing poles - tons of areas to just walk around and explore.  Or hit up one of the multiple pools.

7) WHAT TO WEAR - During the summer months you can not go wrong wearing around your swimsuit with a cute coverup (like this one) and sandals (these are on my wish list).  Or going super casual with shorts (love these), a tank top (this one is perfect) and tennis shoes (no joke - I wore tennis shoes on my vacation - chasing around those kids is work!  And definitely not flop appropriate!).

8) DON'T FORGET WHEN PACKING - Better to be over prepared, you really do not know what you will get in to;).  Sunscreen, hats, bug spray, and anything comfortable.  Don't forget a comfy sweatshirt or jacket for the evenings.

9) ONE THING TO TAKE FROM THIS TRIP - Slow down, put the electronics away, and enjoy this time with your family.  Whether that is kids, significant others, parents, in-laws, etc.  Just relax and make memories;).  And be prepared to walk...a lot...especially if you sign up for the scavenger hunt;), lol.

my guy:)
10) DON'T MISS THIS - Dogwood Canyon is a must (do the tram tour - it is beautiful and you get to see some cool wildlife), as well as Top of the Rock (make the time to view the Museum at the Top of the Rock - it is life changing - there is some amazing history down there).

Has anyone been - what am I missing?!


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