Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Today I wanted to share my favorite ways to prep my house for family in town, dinner parties, etc. - without buying a thing! Typically, when we are wanting to get our house ready for an event, I will sometimes get in a hurry to 'finish' our spaces.  Whether that means buying a rug, changing out pillows, adding art or wall art, changing out lamps, etc.

However, I love when I am able to calm myself down, and just start cleaning.  Having a clean, neat, organized and tidy home will make any house look nice and decorated!  So, the gist of this post is to encourage you to clean and organize your home, before you run out and just buy things.

But then I realized, maybe I am the only crazy person that does this last minute, mad-women Homegoods, Pottery Barn shopping?!  No way...!

Here are my top 10 most effective cleaning habits I do when I am in a crunch to get it done and ready:

1. Take as much as you can off your kitchen countertops - seriously - keep these spaces clean and tidy.  If you must have something on your countertop, keep it organized and simple.

2. This is probably a no brainer, but put everything away.  Make sure nothing is stashed in the corner, underneath that chair, stuffed behind a pillow.  This is one of my hardest tasks as I have a hard time finding homes for everything, and then I just cause a bigger mess...

3. This sort of goes along with #1, but put away any countertop appliance you will not need; i.e. toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.  Your space will look much cleaner and put together without it cluttered up with appliances.  I always stash my KitchenAid under the sink or in the basement until guest have left and I have cleaned up.

4. Take some Windex and wipe down all of your light fixtures, bulbs, doors.  Basically, anything that has glass and can be Windex'ed, you need to wipe it down.

5. Check for any burnt out light bulbs, replace if need be.  I recently replaced all of my interior lamps and light fixtures with the clear, white light bulbs.  Please make sure your lighting is consistent; if using a yellow tinged light bulb in one space, use again in the other space (but I will always recommend the clear bright white bulbs).

6. If you have stainless steel appliances, use a stainless steel cleaner to wipe it all down.  These can be a little pricey, but so worth it.  They will leave no streaks going down your refrigerator.

7. Wipe down all cabinetry with Pledge or some other type of cleaner.  Mine are wood, so I like to use Pledge Multi-Surface (one of my favorite cleaning products).

8. Arrange (and knife;) all pillows, and possibly add a throw blanket on your couches and or chairs.

9.  Purchase fresh flowers, and have them sitting out strategically around the space you will be using. This is huge!  If I am ever in a time crunch and have barely any time to do anything - this is one of my favorites.  Fresh flowers will give someone something to look at and talk about - versus the dog hair on the floor that I didn't have time to clean up;).

10.  Lastly, vacuum and or wash all of your floors.  If you have wood floors I love to use the pre-mixed Murphy's Oil.  You squirt this down and wipe it up (I use a swiffer).  The Murphy's Oil is awesome, because it will give your entire house this "just cleaned" fresh lemony smell!

What are your go to tips for cleaning a house in preparation for guests?  Do you have any tricks you could share with me?!  Typically our events are very last minute, so quick and efficient is the name of our game.


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