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For those of you that follow along on my instagram account - you saw my post last week about the to die for tile lesson I learned last week!  For probably the past 6-9 months I have been on a mad tile hunt to find tile that would give me the look in the below picture (i.e. tile that was between 1.25 - 2.5 inches wide and then at least 12 inches long):

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I have been looking and looking both online and local tile shops and have come up with nothing.  The closest I got was finding a 2x6 white tile here locally.  We have a white tile floor in our bathroom currently, and we all are bothered by how dirty it always looks...  so I knew that wound't be an option.

In my online search, I kept reading that the only way to achieve a tile similar to the style above - was to cut down a larger piece into these sizes.  However, when I asked a few different people about this - they all said that was not a possibility because you would end up with a raw, unfinished edge, which wouldn't look good - which I completely get.

Well....I had pretty much given up on this, and decided I was going to stop by our local The Tile Shop and pick something else out and be done with this herringbone look.  While I was there one of the sales reps ended up chatting with me, and I was explaining my dilemma about not being able to find what I really wanted.  He asked me what color and tile I liked.  I walked around for a minute and came back with this dark grey/blackish piece that came in a 12x18 size.  He then took me back in the employee's only section - cut down this tile on his wet saw to the size I wanted (2 inch), and then grabbed a piece of stone and 'sanded' down the raw side.  He probably went over the unfinished side about 4 or 5 times with this piece of stone, and bam - it was perfectly finished and smooth!  And I had this:

Ahhh!!!!  I was like a kid on Christmas Day!  I don't think I have ever been this excited about a design item before.  

Here is my new friend Phil - the tile guy:

Here is the larger piece that I picked out:

And here is the look in our existing bathroom (he cut down three for me, and sent me home with the rest of the piece for us to cut down during installation).   The mosaic pattern on the left was going to be for the shower, however, we have since decided on doing a shower/tub combo, so unfortunately I won't have a chance to use those pieces (I think they would have looked awesome up against the floor!).

Lesson learned - you can cut down pretty much any tile you want to achieve the look/style you are wanting.  You just need a piece of stone, which you could buy from any local tile shop, in order to sand down your unfinished edges.  Phil did point me to certain tiles over others, as he said certain ones will cut better on the wet saw.  But, there were still a ton of options to choose from.

This floor is most likely going to be time consuming to cut each individual tile, and then lay - but good thing there is only 40 sq feet;).  Yeah!!!

I couldn't wait to share this with you guys, and I will be sure to do a post later on cutting it, sanding, and then laying it.  I will also take more pics of the stone used to sand it down so I can share that as well.  We are hoping to get this project started in about 3-4 weeks - which is going to be here before you know it - and I still need to pick out the rest of the finishes, now that I have this tile figured out:):).


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