Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I think every designer has a set of favorite paint colors that are their go-to's in any situation.  This is a very relieving fact to me, because interior design options seem to be endless, and if you seriously try and examine each and every shade of white you will absolutely, positively drive yourself mad.  I like knowing that some wall shades are staples for a designer, versus bouncing around amongst various shades of whites/blacks/greys/tans....etc etc etc.;).  

While I am certainly not a quote on quote designer, I do love to dance around a paint store like I am one;) - so why not share my favorite shades for all of you! 

White - My go-to is Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.  I use this color for all ceilings, trim work, doors, etc.  I rarely would suggest painting walls with a white - white, however, am not completely against it and have seen it look really nice and open.

Black - Black Satin by Benjamin Moore is my fav black - and the black we used to paint our bedroom walls that were done recently with the Havenly project.  I think it feels like a soft black - it is not a completely in your face black.  

Dark Grey - This is one of my favs!  Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.  This is my all time favorite color to paint interior doors.  It is a warm and rich grey shade.  I actually debated amongst using this or the Black Satin in my bedroom.  One of the only reasons I went with the Black Satin was because I had never used a true black on a wall before, and had always wanted to;).  So Black Satin it was:).  

Light Grey - Classic Grey by Sherwin Williams.  I have tested and tried tonsssss of other light white/grays and this one is hands down my favorite.  It works in lots and lots of spaces, and really brightens up the room.  It looks very clean and warm.

What are your favorite go-to shades?!  I did not include any color options above, because let's be honest I am too scared of color and need to gradually warm up before I use it in painting;).  Have you used any of these shades before?

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