Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Alright - so I know I promised you all lots of interior design inspiration on this blog.  And I plan to fully deliver this promise.  However, for awhile now I have been thinking it would be fun to throw in some fashion ideas, inspiration, etc. - in the form of some of my favorite outfits and what I wear on a normal day, etc.

Soooo...this is the first of one of those posts;).  I teamed up with my sister Kelly, over at Kelly Leavitt Photography to snap a few shots of myself dressed in one of my favorite summer outfits!  Please know this is a first for me, and I am by no means a model...however, I have to say it was a ton of fun, and I already can't wait to do this again.   Kelly was a blast to work with.

Here goes nothing - lol.  One of my go to summer outfits right now;).

Love the flexibility of this outfit.  I had my wedges on while taking these shots, which was a perfect way to dress it up, however after we were done I threw on my flip flops to pick up Michael and was pretty comfortable, but still felt like I looked good at the Kindergarten pickup today;).  

Obviously we had to throw in a shot with the pup;).  Outfit details are listed below.  My sunglasses are Tory Burch and I bought them from Nordstrom's last year, but I was able to find them for sale at a glasses/contacts shop (linked below) - but just a heads up on that one.


Happy Wednesday friends.  Short week for us over here - Michael's last day of school is Thursday!


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