Friday, April 15, 2016


Happy Friday!  Instead of doing a Fashion Friday post today, I really wanted to share my favorites from this week of the One Room Challenge.  This week, the bloggers were tasked with sharing their design plan, the scheme, the ideas, the mood boards and layouts.  For me - my favorite posts were the ones that went into detail on how they came up with their inspirations and product sourcing.  The inspiration and sourcing is such an important step in the design process, and I love Linda for calling it out and identifying in this challenge.  Grab a comfy chair and some wine - I'm going to jump into some of my favs!

First up - I am a huge fan of Kristin Jackson of Hunted Interior - she rocks.  Check out her mood board - LOVE all of the blue here!

She is also pulling in one of my favorite fabrics - Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock...oh I just die over this print you guys!  

Next up is Megan from Honey We're Home.  She is re-doing her office, and here is her amazingly well put together inspiration board -

I love that rug, and all of the light, bright pieces in here.

Next is Gwen from the Makerista - again, her style is impeccable!  She is making over her husband's man-cave, as she calls it.  And I gotta respect how much she is involving him in the decision making.

Next is the super cool couple over at Pencil & Paper Co. - here is their design inspiration for their guest room.  Sorry I am not able to make it any larger...:( - but if you click the link in the sentence above it will take you right there;).

It is always fun visiting Paige's site, The Pink Clutch.  Her love for color is evident and it always inspires me, as I always gravitate toward the black/white/grey/neutral color families.  Paige is working on transforming her families den for the ORC - here is her inspiration board.  That leopard rug, paired with the gold glass round table are some of my favorites in this room.

Here is Gabrielle from Savvy Home's design boards for her NYC studio.  I could definitely imagine a lot of these pieces in my own home, love her minimalist style here:

Simplified Bee's master bathroom/closet demolition project looks FAB!  That is what I think the ORC is all about.  LOL, can't imagine how stressful that has to be - to start and finish a demolition project in 6 weeks?!  I didn't post the design boards only because there are a handful of images representing the overall concept - go check it out here.

 I couldn't wait to check out Jill Sorensen's design - she is another talented blogger and designer.  Here is her inspiration - that headboard rocks my world.

I love where Kevin from Thou Swell is going with his master bedroom makeover:

I could not pass by the Vault Files mock up of an entryway makeover underway - this gives me so much inspiration for my own entryway (or lack thereof;)):

There you have it - some of the highlights from ORC: Week 2.  4 more weeks to go - my goal is to do a weekly update each week doing the same thing, highlighting some of my favorite concepts, ideas, spaces, etc.

Thank you all for the continued support, and cheers to a happy and healthy weekend:)


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