Wednesday, April 13, 2016


LOL - so this is the title of my post today.  While thinking of what I wanted to blog about, I kept coming back to - finding decor items without breaking the bank.

For the past month, I have been slowly working on updating our front living room (I posted an in progress paint pic on IG here), but haven't mentioned much since then. is only because I am not 100% done yet.  I am getting close, but still missing some key items.  This was starting to stress me about a bit, but then I realized that this is me, and this is how I design in my own home.  I will slowly and casually make updates and changes, but rarely do I just take a chunk of money and say, "hey!  I am going to update this room and my budget is $10,000!" lol - sorry, just being honest - it ain't for me.

Now, that's not to say that if I had a blank canvas, starting from scratch space - I actually would make that above statement.  Possibly with a little less, but I would definitely do that if I was working with a fresh start.  Unfortunately, I have previously purchased about 3 rugs, 4 lights, and countless accessories for my front room.  So slow and steady is my game right now.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to try and update my front room to be a little more modern, not so rustic/farmhouse style.  I have been loving on some navy pieces, bright whites, and as usual, my green plants.  I did a post on my love for a navy room/update in this post here, awhile ago.  One of the main items I knew I wanted to switch out was the rug, I really really wanted a navy rug!  This is THE rug I wanted - it is from Crate & Barrel and is gorgeous!  I also love that it is so dark, and will not get ruined with constant dog laying, kids walking, etc.  My previous off white shag rug got destroyed so quickly.

I was so excited I actually found a rug I loved and wanted.  However, for an 8x10 it was going to be $799.   Now I know some of you will say that is not bad and is actually pretty reasonable for a wool rug.  And I was about ready to pull the trigger, when I thought to just check around and see if there were any other comparable options.

So...I was led to this rug from Amazon:
It is by no means the C&B rug, however, for $500 less it was SO darn close.  I ordered it, it came, and I was ready to be disappointed, but was not at all!  It is an ombre, so the ends are dark like the C&B one is, but in my space the ombre looks kind of pretty and gives it some depth.  In addition, once I get a coffee table over the center, it's going to break it up even more.

Here are a few pics of it - it is "bluer" looking in the photos than the Crate & Barrel one, but I don't see that so much in person - 

There was so much light coming in, this photo is a little grainy...

Yeah or nay on the look alike?;)

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