Thursday, April 28, 2016


It's Thursday...which means the weekend is almost here - yeah;).  I am still on the hunt for a coffee table to finish off my front room, so thought I would share some coffee tables I am currently loving (all under $500;)).  Enjoy!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16

Any love for these?!  


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I am so sorry this post is so delayed!  We picked up our new puppy last Thursday, so the rest of my week/weekend involved chasing after a puppy, spot cleaning my rugs, saying "NO BITE", and lots of puppy snuggles!  The first two nights were awful - he would only sleep if I was laying on the floor snuggled up next to him.  But, then I decided to put his kennel in the first floor living room, tell him good night, shut the door and go to  SO glad I did -  he cried for about 10/15 mins and then I didn't hear him again until 5:30am.  He has now followed this same schedule for the past 2 nights - but woken up around 6/6:30am.  So so much better!  On Saturday I was ready to completely loose my mind, but I am glad we stuck with him;).

I will have this image engraved in my mind forever - one of the sweetest moments to see my baby caring for this little guy!

Look at that face!

Again, I can barely handle the sweetness here

Love at first sight:)

Did you guys see any of the posts from Week 3 of the ORC?!  Can't believe tomorrow is another reveal day.  Here are my favorites/recaps from last weeks posts:

Kristin from Hunted Interior revealed the most beautiful curtains I have ever seen!  I am obsessed with these Shibori curtains from Tonic Living - they make such a statement -

Loved Claire Brody's post on her living room project.  She was as real as real can get - and bravely shared some mid-transformation photos.  Love this!  

Sarah over at The Curated House is using one of my favorite pillow designers, Hollie Cooper to help her bring her space to life.  Hollie never disappoints, and these pillows alone make me super excited to see this final space.

Here is a fab fabric board from Kris at Driven by Decor - 

This chair happened over at The Pink Clutch!  This girl is so good at using color -

I am getting pretty excited to see Sketch 42's "pink room"! 

Did you all see Jill Sorenson's black painted casings with the white doors?!  Ahhh - this is why I love the ORC so much - I feel like the designers really make bold design decisions.  No one would probably ever tell you that it would be a good idea to paint your door casings black while leaving the door white.  But, she is going for it and I have a feeling it is going to look awesome!

You have to check out Orlando's treehouse project he is working on over at Hommemaker!  This is amazing, my son would so want one of these.

Up next is Gaby from The Vault Files!  She is using one of my all time FAVORITE wallpapers in her powder bath (she is working on an entryway and powder bath for the ORC).  Don't know how I missed this in the other 2 weeks.  I have been stewing over this paper for about a year...this makes me feel like I should just buy it.  It is on sale too;).

There you have it - some of my favorite highlights from week 3.  Because today is Wednesday, week 4 reveal is today as well - so look for the next round up later this week.

I am seriously having renovation envy over here!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


One of GLG's most popular posts was one titled, "Highlighting Herringbone".  The post was simple, and shared some of my favorite uses of herringbone in the home.  Because herringbone is such a timeless design detail, I really believe it will never go out of style.  When done properly, with the correct material, it will add a classic touch to your home design.

Here are a few more of my favorite inspiration photos:


I would not recommend this design in a residential setting, however, would be pretty cool in an office environment -

The trick is to use a classic material that you will love forever - for example, the wood in the picture above.  The wood allows the herringbone pattern to not take over and become too trendy.  My favorite way to use the herringbone is to use an exagerated rectangle shaped tile or wood versus a standard sized tile.  You will see examples of this in almost all of the photos above.  However, the first photo of the tile used in the bathroom shower is an example of a standard sized tile you could buy at Lowes or Home Depot - it will still work;).  

So...where to do this type of pattern in your home...??!  Some of my interior decor fantasizes involve sourcing a skinny 2x10 or longer white tile and do the herringbone pattern in a kitchen floor, and possibly extend into a living space - if it is an open concept design?  I would also use skinny grout lines, and a dark grey or black grout color.  Another fantasy of mine is to use the same concept I just mentioned but use a black/dark grey tile color and lay it in a bathroom floor, using a dark grey/black grout color.  Ahhh...either of these would be amazing!  Honestly, after I saw that last photo above of the wood flooring, I am sort of becoming obsessed with doing that versus the white tile in a kitchen/living room.  I am not a fan of tile in a living room...;).

Have any of you used a herringbone pattern as part of your design decisions in your home?  I would love to see!

ps. today is Week 3 of the ORC!  Be sure to stop back by Thursday for a round up of my favs from Week 3:).  


Friday, April 15, 2016


Happy Friday!  Instead of doing a Fashion Friday post today, I really wanted to share my favorites from this week of the One Room Challenge.  This week, the bloggers were tasked with sharing their design plan, the scheme, the ideas, the mood boards and layouts.  For me - my favorite posts were the ones that went into detail on how they came up with their inspirations and product sourcing.  The inspiration and sourcing is such an important step in the design process, and I love Linda for calling it out and identifying in this challenge.  Grab a comfy chair and some wine - I'm going to jump into some of my favs!

First up - I am a huge fan of Kristin Jackson of Hunted Interior - she rocks.  Check out her mood board - LOVE all of the blue here!

She is also pulling in one of my favorite fabrics - Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock...oh I just die over this print you guys!  

Next up is Megan from Honey We're Home.  She is re-doing her office, and here is her amazingly well put together inspiration board -

I love that rug, and all of the light, bright pieces in here.

Next is Gwen from the Makerista - again, her style is impeccable!  She is making over her husband's man-cave, as she calls it.  And I gotta respect how much she is involving him in the decision making.

Next is the super cool couple over at Pencil & Paper Co. - here is their design inspiration for their guest room.  Sorry I am not able to make it any larger...:( - but if you click the link in the sentence above it will take you right there;).

It is always fun visiting Paige's site, The Pink Clutch.  Her love for color is evident and it always inspires me, as I always gravitate toward the black/white/grey/neutral color families.  Paige is working on transforming her families den for the ORC - here is her inspiration board.  That leopard rug, paired with the gold glass round table are some of my favorites in this room.

Here is Gabrielle from Savvy Home's design boards for her NYC studio.  I could definitely imagine a lot of these pieces in my own home, love her minimalist style here:

Simplified Bee's master bathroom/closet demolition project looks FAB!  That is what I think the ORC is all about.  LOL, can't imagine how stressful that has to be - to start and finish a demolition project in 6 weeks?!  I didn't post the design boards only because there are a handful of images representing the overall concept - go check it out here.

 I couldn't wait to check out Jill Sorensen's design - she is another talented blogger and designer.  Here is her inspiration - that headboard rocks my world.

I love where Kevin from Thou Swell is going with his master bedroom makeover:

I could not pass by the Vault Files mock up of an entryway makeover underway - this gives me so much inspiration for my own entryway (or lack thereof;)):

There you have it - some of the highlights from ORC: Week 2.  4 more weeks to go - my goal is to do a weekly update each week doing the same thing, highlighting some of my favorite concepts, ideas, spaces, etc.

Thank you all for the continued support, and cheers to a happy and healthy weekend:)


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


LOL - so this is the title of my post today.  While thinking of what I wanted to blog about, I kept coming back to - finding decor items without breaking the bank.

For the past month, I have been slowly working on updating our front living room (I posted an in progress paint pic on IG here), but haven't mentioned much since then. is only because I am not 100% done yet.  I am getting close, but still missing some key items.  This was starting to stress me about a bit, but then I realized that this is me, and this is how I design in my own home.  I will slowly and casually make updates and changes, but rarely do I just take a chunk of money and say, "hey!  I am going to update this room and my budget is $10,000!" lol - sorry, just being honest - it ain't for me.

Now, that's not to say that if I had a blank canvas, starting from scratch space - I actually would make that above statement.  Possibly with a little less, but I would definitely do that if I was working with a fresh start.  Unfortunately, I have previously purchased about 3 rugs, 4 lights, and countless accessories for my front room.  So slow and steady is my game right now.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to try and update my front room to be a little more modern, not so rustic/farmhouse style.  I have been loving on some navy pieces, bright whites, and as usual, my green plants.  I did a post on my love for a navy room/update in this post here, awhile ago.  One of the main items I knew I wanted to switch out was the rug, I really really wanted a navy rug!  This is THE rug I wanted - it is from Crate & Barrel and is gorgeous!  I also love that it is so dark, and will not get ruined with constant dog laying, kids walking, etc.  My previous off white shag rug got destroyed so quickly.

I was so excited I actually found a rug I loved and wanted.  However, for an 8x10 it was going to be $799.   Now I know some of you will say that is not bad and is actually pretty reasonable for a wool rug.  And I was about ready to pull the trigger, when I thought to just check around and see if there were any other comparable options.

So...I was led to this rug from Amazon:
It is by no means the C&B rug, however, for $500 less it was SO darn close.  I ordered it, it came, and I was ready to be disappointed, but was not at all!  It is an ombre, so the ends are dark like the C&B one is, but in my space the ombre looks kind of pretty and gives it some depth.  In addition, once I get a coffee table over the center, it's going to break it up even more.

Here are a few pics of it - it is "bluer" looking in the photos than the Crate & Barrel one, but I don't see that so much in person - 

There was so much light coming in, this photo is a little grainy...

Yeah or nay on the look alike?;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I shared a little bit about the One Room Challenge a few months ago, however, it is starting again - and this week is Week 2!

The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual design event sponsored by the lovely Linda at Calling it Home blog, and is currently in it's 10th season (I have just started following about 3 seasons ago).   Here is a quick recap (per Linda):

Because of my love for a before and after and just the sheer craziness of this event, I would probably be willing to give away anything I own in order to be able to participate as a featured designer...;).

Linda does call anyone to participate as a Guest Participant by linking your weekly updates to her site.  However, because I would need the actual pressure on me to complete this - I don't for-see a Guest Participant in my future.  Maybe in a few years, I will be able to come back to this post after I am able to day....maybe...hopefully...;) ahhh I would die you guys!

For now, I am so excited to follow along with the 20 bloggers.  So - last week was Week 1, with this week (I believe they post on Wednesdays??) being Week 2.

Below are the lucky 20 -

Thursday, April 7, 2016


During my bedroom makeover, I knew I wanted to have some type of fur/shag rug(s) in the room.  A lot of my Pinterest inspiration images had the large furry, cozy sheepskin rugs on either side of the bed.  I was dying for an excuse to get rid of our current rug, so the idea to replace with two sheepskins was perfect.

Until...I started looking around...they were pricey - especially the larger ones that I was really wanting to get.  Fortunately, for me there is an Ikea like 10 mins from my house, that I just happen to visit frequently...and we all know Ikea always has a cheaper solution, right?!;)

While I was there shopping one day, I noticed the RENS sheepskin rug.  It was exactly what I was looking for, except for the fact that it was too small...I really needed something larger in size.  Right next to the RENS bin was a bin full of the TEJN faux sheepskins.  It was larger in size and it was only $12.99; not nearly as comfy as the RENS, but it would work.  My diy Ikea hack was to purchase two of these TEJN faux rugs and sew them together to create one larger rug to place next to each side of my bed.

Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of the in progress, but I literally just got out my sewing needle and thread, and hand sewed the two together at the bottom, flat end.  Final cost:  $26 per rug - much more budget friendly than the $300+:).

Here is the end result -

Because my love for rugs seems to be pretty fleeting, I loved this solution.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


There is nothing I love more than crawling into bed - no matter what time of the day it is.  My bed is my's my go to snuggle go to hanging space.  My bedroom is such a personal space for me, and therefore, I think that is why I like to spend so much time in it - it's all me.  When I started working with Havenly on the makeover of our bedroom (you can see that post here), I was a little stressed about making sure I found the most comfortable, plush bedding I could find.  Boll and Branch seriously came to the rescue with their Hemmed Sheet Set and Duvet Cover.   I have not been able to find words to properly describe how amazing this bedding is.  For starters, both the sheets and duvet cover are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes.  You guys - it is just heaven snuggling up into this bedding!  Seriously, the most lavish thing I spend my days in.

Special thanks to Boll & Branch for introducing me to such a fantastic product!

Photos by Ashley Behrle & Ed Aller


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