Monday, March 14, 2016


My family and I have started going to church every Sunday - this week was our second week.  Which I consider as a HUGE feat, given that in order to attend church you have to actually set your alarm - on a Sunday - shower, get yourself dressed and ready (and looking somewhat put together), and then get the rest of your family dressed and cleaned up.  And then be out of the house by 8:45AM...AM?!  I have so much more respect for all of those cute, well dressed, showered families that post pics of their Sunday mornings.  It is hard work.  But....I have felt somewhat good about attending, so I will move on.

So, this morning the conversation at church was about work vs. job; i.e. working on work, versus doing your job.  The difference being that a job is something you are obligated to do - it is your job.  Work is YOUR work - it is what you are working on for the benefit of yourself.  It was an interesting conversation, as I feel like most people can relate to this topic.  I really do love my job, I love getting up early and heading to the office.  It feels amazing to be the only person in at 7am, powering through your emails before anyone can email you back, and justing getting s t u f f....d o n e.  I miss these days, ps. now that I take Michael to school each morning at 8am.  But, I feel like this blog for example is more what I would consider 'my work' - as well as being a good Mom and Wife; being present and alert and attentive to my kids/husband and their needs/wants.

But it also has me thinking, how can one exist without the other - in the real world life that I am assuming most of us live in.  We have to have a job to pay the bills, however, we all have our days where we would kill to do nothing but go to 'work', and work on those things that make you you.  This topic branched off into something that I was surprised to hear - the point was made to not identify yourself off of your job.  We were all told this morning that we should resist this urge to identify ourselves based off our jobs and what we spend our entire day doing.  I did love this though - but see SO many friends and family doing this.  Our jobs should not define us - each and everyone of our jobs is replaceable - no matter how important you feel you are.  So, why should we rely so much of ourselves on something that is and will be replaced about 2 seconds after we choose to close that door?

PS.  Completely different topic - my husband and I re-painted our front living room and fireplace this weekend.  Love all of the black and white in this pic (for those of you that missed it on my IG yesterday) - the white looking paint is what we are painting it to be (Benjamin Moore Classic Grey, with Benjamin Moore Simply White on the ceiling and fireplace):

Here is a pic of my family this morning after church (it was rainy and kind of cool, played it casual today;):

Happy Monday, have a great week;)


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