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Happy Tuesday loves!  I have such an exciting post this morning!  If you follow my Instagram account you know I have been working on a makeover of our bedroom.  I know I like to play an interior designer on this site, however, while I do have fun working on a few miscellaneous side jobs here and there, interior designer is not my day job.  I do have a (somewhat) 9-5 I work on as well... gotta pay those bills;).

When my husband and I knew we were ready to tackle our bedroom, I wanted a little help.  Here are a few reasons for this:

-When it comes to my own house and design, I can not make a decision to save my life.

-Because this blog is my side/fun project (for now), I still work at my day job, take care of the day to days of my house, husband, 2 kids, dog, life, etc, etc. - my time is limited.  While I do follow a lot of the latest trends and products in interior design, I wanted someone that lived and breathed it everyday to make sure I wasn't forgetting something, or missing out on something cool.

-I also wanted someone to bounce ideas off of, that shared the same passion for giving this room the look I wanted.

-I had a budget

-I had a budget

-Did I mention I had a budget?!  This alone is a huge reason to want help when designing.  Decorating a space with no budget can be simple - just run to all of your favorite stores and start grabbing products.  But, when designing with a small budget it can be time consuming sourcing products that fit within that dollar mark.  This is not to say that this can not be done though!  The more I blog, and the more I read other's blogs, I know finding products within your budget CAN always be done.  It just might take a little more time, but always worth it.

For these reasons above, I was so excited to be able to work with Havenly on our bedroom makeover.  Havenly is an online interior design company that hires professional interior decorators to help you design any space; whether it is a complete overhaul with a large budget, or if it is a small room refresh with a tiny budget.  Havenly will help you with all of it.

Here was my project - give our bedroom a refreshing update, add some furniture in order to allow for more functionality, keep our existing large pieces (headboard, bed, and nightstands - these will need to wait to be updated once we either do our master bedroom addition on our current house, or move), all within a $1500 budget.

Once my Havenly designer was assigned to me, she wasted no time in reaching out and before I knew it we were on the phone chatting and sharing all of my Pinterest boards (here is my Pinterest board I created, if interested in checking out), Houzz photos, and Instagram photos I had saved.  I had two (exactly opposite) visions of what I wanted for the space...lol, story of my life.

The first was to paint the walls black or navy, do dramatic window treatments, add some sexy wall art, along with white bedding.  The second look was to do the classic bright white look that is so popular right now.  White bedding, maybe a pretty, light colored, patterned curtain, along with ivory, cream accent pieces of furniture, with silver hardware.

This is where I started to really love working with Havenly.  My decorator created two design boards - which was exactly what I needed due to the above dilemma I was having.  My designer and I chatted that one afternoon, and a week later, I was able to log into my account, view the below two design boards, as well as then view each individual product that made up each space; dollar amounts, where it was from, etc.  So easy and quick.

As you will see, I was really leaning more toward the black or navy look.  I have always wanted to paint a room black, and felt like our bedroom was the perfect place to do it - as well as add a fun, sexy vibe to the one place that my husband and I feel like is ours in our home;).

Once I had the two boards to visually see the space, I ended up combining pieces from both boards.  Any products I did not like, or needed a cheaper version of, I gave it a thumbs down and my decorator proposed an alternate solution.

Sooo - here is our space!  I linked all sources below.  The last five photos are by Ashley Behrle of A Family Affair Photography and the first four are by Ed Aller of Ed Aller Design.

This fur throw from PB is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the room!

 Boll and Branch bedding (this will have it's own post next b/c it is to die for!!)  //  Faux sheepskin rugs (I will share this diy in a later post)  //  Headboard (this is an existing piece we had and will re-use until we either do the master suite addition on this house, or move)  //  Nightstands (additional existing pieces - same as above)  //  Lamps  //  Curtains  //    Curtain hardware  //  Black chair  // Black round mirror  //  Closet handles  (I spray painted these gold)  //  Nightstand pulls  //  Bench  //  Fur throw

Because I love a good before and after...here is the before (when we bought the house) - don't you love that green paint?;)

If you are thinking of that space in your home where you could use a little bit of guidance, push, help, etc ;) with - below are the options you can choose from at Havenly.  


$199/room (SO cheap for what you will get, and they are offering a promo code to all GLG readers - see below;)).  To hire a local designer you will spend minimum $400 for typically one design inspiration board with one round of product sourcing (not saying this isn't worth it, b/c it totally is - but this is great for those one off spaces where budget is tight, and you are still wanting professional guidance).

Your Choice of a Professional Interior Designer
Two Custom Design Boards
Additional Revision Time with your Designer
Personalized Product Suggestions
Room Placement Visualization
Complimentary Buying Service
$50 towards your furniture

Havenly - Mini

$79/room (again SO cheap for a quick room refresh, especially if you already have furniture you know you will be incorporating).

Your Choice of a Professional Interior Designer
Two Custom Design Boards
Personalized Product Suggestions
Complimentary Buying Service

I would definitely recommend the entire process, especially if you have a space that you are looking to tackle, but feel like you could use some professional help.  I love working with professional interior designers - even if it's just to have someone to bounce ideas off of, share inspiration photos with, basically someone that gets what you are trying to do, and the overall look/feel you are working toward acheiving.  If I ever went into business as an interior designer full-time -  I would have to have someone with me, on my team from day 1, lol - the collaboration and brainstorming between 2 people brings out so many ideas.

My only suggestion, and this rings true with any design project you are working on.  Sit down with yourself and or your significant other, and come up with a game plan budget wise that you and or both of you feel comfortable working in (i.e. a real number that is feasible spending).  This way, once you have that number and you feel comfortable spending up to that number, the entire process will be easy peasy.  Be sure to also communicate this to your designer so that they are aware as well.  There are tons and tons of great interior pieces out there that you do not have to spend a ton of money to get.  I learn this more and more the more I blog and read others blogs.  Having a realistic budget is COOL! lol

Because Havenly is so sweet and generous - they are offering all readers of GLG a 20% discount code to use now through May 1st.  This means you could do the full on Havenly experience for only $160.  Seriously, at least check it out.  We all have those spaces that will feel so good to have finished.  Here is the code:


I could not be happier with our space, and I know my husband feels the same way.  Since the project has been complete, we have increased the time we spend in here, both as a couple, but also as a family by at least 50%.  When you have a nice, put together space it is fun (for me at least;)) to keep it clean and organized.  The room still has it's moments, but that stack of laundry sure looks better sitting resting in that gorgeous black arm chair, versus being thrown together and half way fallen over on the ground.

Cheers to all of you for following along and sharing this site with your friends and family!  It means so much to me to be able to share my opinions on design projects with the hopes that it helps one of you design and improve that one needed space;).


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