Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have been going round and round with my husband regarding being happy, what it means to be happy, and how to live a happy life (and how many times I can type the word 'happy' in this blog post;)).

Who decides who is happy?  Who is happy?!  How do you become happy in your life?  Is it something that just happens...is it something that you will wake up one day and just have?!  lol - If someone says they are happy, do you really believe them?  If not, is there something you can do as a person to help them be happy?  Probably not...because I believe being happy is more of an internal thing.

So we all have this one life, this one chance to live the life "we" choose.  But, how many of us are actually physically choosing the life we have?  I am the first to admit I feel like lately my choices are previously made for me by the Mom/Wife Gods out there, however they are all good things.  We all know you must make decisions in your life - whether that is work/job related, home life related, etc. that you may not have chosen to do on our own.  However, where do you draw the line?  Or is there a line at all?

Bottom line (lol;)) - is this: I am a very lucky girl and life is good for me.  I know not everyone has some of the gifts in life I do, and I realize and appreciate these each and everyday.  I never forget this - ever.

Cheers to a happy marriage and a happy Tuesday,

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