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I am always wondering how much did that home project really cost?  I love HGTV, and all of the fix and flip shows on tv, but feel like they are never realistic on the costs of a renovation.  So I thought I would do a post on one of our biggest projects to date - our kitchen/dining room renovation in our current home.  When we first bought our house - our kitchen and dining room was divided in half by a wall, that contained a doorway access through.  This left the kitchen super tiny, and the dining room pretty non-functional given the wall.  So this project was more than just a kitchen, but because we use the previous dining room as our 'eat in' area - I combine it with the kitchen.  It is all one space now.  

So - I decided to lay it all out in this post - our entire project was about $30k; which included finishing out the adjacent dining room space.  I feel like this was a STEAL - we did a lot of the demo work, Mike laid the hardwood, I did all of the painting, and we GC'd the entire project, just to name a few of the things we did ourselves.  



I did splurge on the hardware, as well as the marble countertops, but pulled waaaay back on the Pottery Barn pendants, the butcher block island top, and we limited some of the additional cabinets we were going to install around the bay window to the left of the dining table in the above photo.  Thinking back, I wish we would have done those cabinets - I could really use the extra storage, but at the time, we just didn't have the extra couple grand it would take to get it done.

We wanted to only spend $20k.....LOL - hilarious right?!

We also saved HUGE with our cabinets.  Mike has a close connection with an Amish family that builds custom cabinetry, and they agreed to do ours.  Again, this was a huge for us and our budget.  Mike also installed the backsplash as well.

Here is the breakdown of the costs:

Architect drawings: $750
Appliances: $6330
Demo work/installation work: $3820
Amish cabinets (including butcher block tops): $6400 (SO insanely cheap and amazing quality)
Marble countertops: $2200
Electrical: $1228
Hardwoods: $672 (Mike installed)
Backsplash: $492 (Mike installed)
Duct work: $974
Dumpster/misc materials: $594
Drywall/trim/plaster repair: $2980
Paint/misc rentals: $700
Hardware: $327
Asbestos testing/removal: $2869 (I HATE asbestos....this was a game changer and completely unexpected cost)

TOTAL: $30,336

There you have it!  You will see I did not include costs like the kitchen table and chairs, rug, the bar stools, the window treatments or any other decorative item.  Most of those items came later, after we had a chance to catch our breath after this renovation was over.  

We are still very much in love with our kitchen and while there are things I wish we could have added at the time (i.e. a pot filler, add'l cabinets, different pendants, etc) I am proud of what we were able to accomplish on a budget.  It sure adds up fast;).

I hope this helps somewhat in your kitchen renovation/projects!

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