Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Have you guys seen the new spring arrivals from Anthropologie?!  They are ahh-mazing...  I can not wait to get my hands on some of these pieces.  Below, I rounded up some of my favorite looks.

These wide leg crops are to die for - but I love the entire outfit -

This top, with those earrings! -

I don't think I would normally go for an outfit like this, nor would it look that good on me, but I just love it.  And if my legs were longer, would totally wear this to work during the summer. -

This top would be perfect for those casual jeans and flats days -

I want this jumper SO bad - 

Plaid shirts always get me - love the length of this one -

Perfect top for work or girls night/dinner out - also pretty darn pricey;) - but still amazing -

Need this, want this, obsessed with this -

Another amazing and expensive top;) - LOVE -

I have now spent a few thousand dollars at Anthro....wonderful.  Happy hump day loves:).

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Happy Tuesday loves!  I have such an exciting post this morning!  If you follow my Instagram account you know I have been working on a makeover of our bedroom.  I know I like to play an interior designer on this site, however, while I do have fun working on a few miscellaneous side jobs here and there, interior designer is not my day job.  I do have a (somewhat) 9-5 I work on as well... gotta pay those bills;).

When my husband and I knew we were ready to tackle our bedroom, I wanted a little help.  Here are a few reasons for this:

-When it comes to my own house and design, I can not make a decision to save my life.

-Because this blog is my side/fun project (for now), I still work at my day job, take care of the day to days of my house, husband, 2 kids, dog, life, etc, etc. - my time is limited.  While I do follow a lot of the latest trends and products in interior design, I wanted someone that lived and breathed it everyday to make sure I wasn't forgetting something, or missing out on something cool.

-I also wanted someone to bounce ideas off of, that shared the same passion for giving this room the look I wanted.

-I had a budget

-I had a budget

-Did I mention I had a budget?!  This alone is a huge reason to want help when designing.  Decorating a space with no budget can be simple - just run to all of your favorite stores and start grabbing products.  But, when designing with a small budget it can be time consuming sourcing products that fit within that dollar mark.  This is not to say that this can not be done though!  The more I blog, and the more I read other's blogs, I know finding products within your budget CAN always be done.  It just might take a little more time, but always worth it.

For these reasons above, I was so excited to be able to work with Havenly on our bedroom makeover.  Havenly is an online interior design company that hires professional interior decorators to help you design any space; whether it is a complete overhaul with a large budget, or if it is a small room refresh with a tiny budget.  Havenly will help you with all of it.

Here was my project - give our bedroom a refreshing update, add some furniture in order to allow for more functionality, keep our existing large pieces (headboard, bed, and nightstands - these will need to wait to be updated once we either do our master bedroom addition on our current house, or move), all within a $1500 budget.

Once my Havenly designer was assigned to me, she wasted no time in reaching out and before I knew it we were on the phone chatting and sharing all of my Pinterest boards (here is my Pinterest board I created, if interested in checking out), Houzz photos, and Instagram photos I had saved.  I had two (exactly opposite) visions of what I wanted for the, story of my life.

The first was to paint the walls black or navy, do dramatic window treatments, add some sexy wall art, along with white bedding.  The second look was to do the classic bright white look that is so popular right now.  White bedding, maybe a pretty, light colored, patterned curtain, along with ivory, cream accent pieces of furniture, with silver hardware.

This is where I started to really love working with Havenly.  My decorator created two design boards - which was exactly what I needed due to the above dilemma I was having.  My designer and I chatted that one afternoon, and a week later, I was able to log into my account, view the below two design boards, as well as then view each individual product that made up each space; dollar amounts, where it was from, etc.  So easy and quick.

As you will see, I was really leaning more toward the black or navy look.  I have always wanted to paint a room black, and felt like our bedroom was the perfect place to do it - as well as add a fun, sexy vibe to the one place that my husband and I feel like is ours in our home;).

Once I had the two boards to visually see the space, I ended up combining pieces from both boards.  Any products I did not like, or needed a cheaper version of, I gave it a thumbs down and my decorator proposed an alternate solution.

Sooo - here is our space!  I linked all sources below.  The last five photos are by Ashley Behrle of A Family Affair Photography and the first four are by Ed Aller of Ed Aller Design.

This fur throw from PB is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the room!

 Boll and Branch bedding (this will have it's own post next b/c it is to die for!!)  //  Faux sheepskin rugs (I will share this diy in a later post)  //  Headboard (this is an existing piece we had and will re-use until we either do the master suite addition on this house, or move)  //  Nightstands (additional existing pieces - same as above)  //  Lamps  //  Curtains  //    Curtain hardware  //  Black chair  // Black round mirror  //  Closet handles  (I spray painted these gold)  //  Nightstand pulls  //  Bench  //  Fur throw

Because I love a good before and is the before (when we bought the house) - don't you love that green paint?;)

If you are thinking of that space in your home where you could use a little bit of guidance, push, help, etc ;) with - below are the options you can choose from at Havenly.  


$199/room (SO cheap for what you will get, and they are offering a promo code to all GLG readers - see below;)).  To hire a local designer you will spend minimum $400 for typically one design inspiration board with one round of product sourcing (not saying this isn't worth it, b/c it totally is - but this is great for those one off spaces where budget is tight, and you are still wanting professional guidance).

Your Choice of a Professional Interior Designer
Two Custom Design Boards
Additional Revision Time with your Designer
Personalized Product Suggestions
Room Placement Visualization
Complimentary Buying Service
$50 towards your furniture

Havenly - Mini

$79/room (again SO cheap for a quick room refresh, especially if you already have furniture you know you will be incorporating).

Your Choice of a Professional Interior Designer
Two Custom Design Boards
Personalized Product Suggestions
Complimentary Buying Service

I would definitely recommend the entire process, especially if you have a space that you are looking to tackle, but feel like you could use some professional help.  I love working with professional interior designers - even if it's just to have someone to bounce ideas off of, share inspiration photos with, basically someone that gets what you are trying to do, and the overall look/feel you are working toward acheiving.  If I ever went into business as an interior designer full-time -  I would have to have someone with me, on my team from day 1, lol - the collaboration and brainstorming between 2 people brings out so many ideas.

My only suggestion, and this rings true with any design project you are working on.  Sit down with yourself and or your significant other, and come up with a game plan budget wise that you and or both of you feel comfortable working in (i.e. a real number that is feasible spending).  This way, once you have that number and you feel comfortable spending up to that number, the entire process will be easy peasy.  Be sure to also communicate this to your designer so that they are aware as well.  There are tons and tons of great interior pieces out there that you do not have to spend a ton of money to get.  I learn this more and more the more I blog and read others blogs.  Having a realistic budget is COOL! lol

Because Havenly is so sweet and generous - they are offering all readers of GLG a 20% discount code to use now through May 1st.  This means you could do the full on Havenly experience for only $160.  Seriously, at least check it out.  We all have those spaces that will feel so good to have finished.  Here is the code:


I could not be happier with our space, and I know my husband feels the same way.  Since the project has been complete, we have increased the time we spend in here, both as a couple, but also as a family by at least 50%.  When you have a nice, put together space it is fun (for me at least;)) to keep it clean and organized.  The room still has it's moments, but that stack of laundry sure looks better sitting resting in that gorgeous black arm chair, versus being thrown together and half way fallen over on the ground.

Cheers to all of you for following along and sharing this site with your friends and family!  It means so much to me to be able to share my opinions on design projects with the hopes that it helps one of you design and improve that one needed space;).


Friday, March 25, 2016


Tonight the husband and I get to go out to a concert!  ohhh....I am so excited:).  This is our third time seeing this band here in STL, and we love love ourselves some Turnpike Troubadours.

So today I am doing some shopping before the show for something to wear.  Their concerts are always super casual, but a sexy casual;).  Here are some looks I love for this:

Love this fringe top with the distressed denim -

via asos

These kimonos are my favorite -

image via asos

And my favorite look of all!! -

image via Pinterest

Thursday, March 24, 2016


I am always wondering how much did that home project really cost?  I love HGTV, and all of the fix and flip shows on tv, but feel like they are never realistic on the costs of a renovation.  So I thought I would do a post on one of our biggest projects to date - our kitchen/dining room renovation in our current home.  When we first bought our house - our kitchen and dining room was divided in half by a wall, that contained a doorway access through.  This left the kitchen super tiny, and the dining room pretty non-functional given the wall.  So this project was more than just a kitchen, but because we use the previous dining room as our 'eat in' area - I combine it with the kitchen.  It is all one space now.  

So - I decided to lay it all out in this post - our entire project was about $30k; which included finishing out the adjacent dining room space.  I feel like this was a STEAL - we did a lot of the demo work, Mike laid the hardwood, I did all of the painting, and we GC'd the entire project, just to name a few of the things we did ourselves.  



I did splurge on the hardware, as well as the marble countertops, but pulled waaaay back on the Pottery Barn pendants, the butcher block island top, and we limited some of the additional cabinets we were going to install around the bay window to the left of the dining table in the above photo.  Thinking back, I wish we would have done those cabinets - I could really use the extra storage, but at the time, we just didn't have the extra couple grand it would take to get it done.

We wanted to only spend $20k.....LOL - hilarious right?!

We also saved HUGE with our cabinets.  Mike has a close connection with an Amish family that builds custom cabinetry, and they agreed to do ours.  Again, this was a huge for us and our budget.  Mike also installed the backsplash as well.

Here is the breakdown of the costs:

Architect drawings: $750
Appliances: $6330
Demo work/installation work: $3820
Amish cabinets (including butcher block tops): $6400 (SO insanely cheap and amazing quality)
Marble countertops: $2200
Electrical: $1228
Hardwoods: $672 (Mike installed)
Backsplash: $492 (Mike installed)
Duct work: $974
Dumpster/misc materials: $594
Drywall/trim/plaster repair: $2980
Paint/misc rentals: $700
Hardware: $327
Asbestos testing/removal: $2869 (I HATE asbestos....this was a game changer and completely unexpected cost)

TOTAL: $30,336

There you have it!  You will see I did not include costs like the kitchen table and chairs, rug, the bar stools, the window treatments or any other decorative item.  Most of those items came later, after we had a chance to catch our breath after this renovation was over.  

We are still very much in love with our kitchen and while there are things I wish we could have added at the time (i.e. a pot filler, add'l cabinets, different pendants, etc) I am proud of what we were able to accomplish on a budget.  It sure adds up fast;).

I hope this helps somewhat in your kitchen renovation/projects!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have been going round and round with my husband regarding being happy, what it means to be happy, and how to live a happy life (and how many times I can type the word 'happy' in this blog post;)).

Who decides who is happy?  Who is happy?!  How do you become happy in your life?  Is it something that just it something that you will wake up one day and just have?!  lol - If someone says they are happy, do you really believe them?  If not, is there something you can do as a person to help them be happy?  Probably not...because I believe being happy is more of an internal thing.

So we all have this one life, this one chance to live the life "we" choose.  But, how many of us are actually physically choosing the life we have?  I am the first to admit I feel like lately my choices are previously made for me by the Mom/Wife Gods out there, however they are all good things.  We all know you must make decisions in your life - whether that is work/job related, home life related, etc. that you may not have chosen to do on our own.  However, where do you draw the line?  Or is there a line at all?

Bottom line (lol;)) - is this: I am a very lucky girl and life is good for me.  I know not everyone has some of the gifts in life I do, and I realize and appreciate these each and everyday.  I never forget this - ever.

Cheers to a happy marriage and a happy Tuesday,

ps. 12

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I am a big Ikea fan... I love shopping at Ikea... I go to Ikea too much...  When I said big, I really mean huge.  I compare Ikea to my Target - I can always find a reason to go, and I can never leave without spending $100 - it is my version of a Target.  Thank god they do not offer Ikea credit cards like the Red card.

I wanted to share my latest finds, which I think have been some of the best yet.

THIS mirror!  ugh, I am so excited about this mirror...I love love it - and it was only $99.  I feel like this picture doesn't even do it justice.  I'll try and post another better one later.
I also grabbed these white Trones.  I only had space to hang two (they come with three), but these are SUPER functional for my family.  My kids are constantly dropping their shoes, books, hats, coats, basically anything they can drop when they walk in the front door.  Now they both know where they can drop their stuff - one for each of them;).  

Above the Trones are these coat hooks I hung to hang jackets and hats.  

Ikea's pillow section isn't one of my favorites, however I did find this cute grey buffalo check guy - and placed him on my front room couch for now.  Thinking he might go live in the back, but for now he will stay here.

Lastly, I have been looking for some new fabric to cover my two dining room chairs.  They were covered in a brown cow hide, and I was ready to make a change.  To go along with my blue kick, I wanted something blue and possibly with stripes.  While I was at Ikea I saw this - and while it isn't exactly what I was looking for, it was only $5.99/yard, and I only needed one yard...LOL - so I just decided to go with it.

And because I think he is just the cutest - here is Michael and his case of $4 cinnamon rolls he had to have;).
Has anyone else found anything good at Ikea lately?


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


If you haven't shopped for pillows on Easy - you are missing out.  There are SO many shops out there selling tons and tons of different patterns/sizes of pillows.  It can be overwhelming at first to find what you are looking for sometimes on Etsy.  I rounded up my top 4 from each of my favorite shops!

ps. If you buy any of these covers, you can find inserts at Ikea for uber uber cheap.

Whitlock and Co - how awesome is the blue ikat??? Thinking of buying two of these for my front room, or that light grey in the bottom right?

Company Twenty Six - I am having some serious love for blues right now... 

Dekowe - this shop is a little more expensive, but I love their selection!  Can not go wrong with any of these -especially that Caitlin Wilson buffalo check.

Happy shopping!


Monday, March 14, 2016


My family and I have started going to church every Sunday - this week was our second week.  Which I consider as a HUGE feat, given that in order to attend church you have to actually set your alarm - on a Sunday - shower, get yourself dressed and ready (and looking somewhat put together), and then get the rest of your family dressed and cleaned up.  And then be out of the house by 8:45AM...AM?!  I have so much more respect for all of those cute, well dressed, showered families that post pics of their Sunday mornings.  It is hard work.  But....I have felt somewhat good about attending, so I will move on.

So, this morning the conversation at church was about work vs. job; i.e. working on work, versus doing your job.  The difference being that a job is something you are obligated to do - it is your job.  Work is YOUR work - it is what you are working on for the benefit of yourself.  It was an interesting conversation, as I feel like most people can relate to this topic.  I really do love my job, I love getting up early and heading to the office.  It feels amazing to be the only person in at 7am, powering through your emails before anyone can email you back, and justing getting s t u f f....d o n e.  I miss these days, ps. now that I take Michael to school each morning at 8am.  But, I feel like this blog for example is more what I would consider 'my work' - as well as being a good Mom and Wife; being present and alert and attentive to my kids/husband and their needs/wants.

But it also has me thinking, how can one exist without the other - in the real world life that I am assuming most of us live in.  We have to have a job to pay the bills, however, we all have our days where we would kill to do nothing but go to 'work', and work on those things that make you you.  This topic branched off into something that I was surprised to hear - the point was made to not identify yourself off of your job.  We were all told this morning that we should resist this urge to identify ourselves based off our jobs and what we spend our entire day doing.  I did love this though - but see SO many friends and family doing this.  Our jobs should not define us - each and everyone of our jobs is replaceable - no matter how important you feel you are.  So, why should we rely so much of ourselves on something that is and will be replaced about 2 seconds after we choose to close that door?

PS.  Completely different topic - my husband and I re-painted our front living room and fireplace this weekend.  Love all of the black and white in this pic (for those of you that missed it on my IG yesterday) - the white looking paint is what we are painting it to be (Benjamin Moore Classic Grey, with Benjamin Moore Simply White on the ceiling and fireplace):

Here is a pic of my family this morning after church (it was rainy and kind of cool, played it casual today;):

Happy Monday, have a great week;)


Friday, March 11, 2016


For this weeks Fashion Friday post I wanted to share some of my favorite spring essentials.  The weather here in STL is starting to warm up, and I L O V E it.  This past week was cloudy, on and off rain - but... it was in the 60's/70's all week long - amazing!

This time of the year always makes me want to purge my closet and start over with lots of fun, summery pieces.  I am over the boots and sweaters.... ready for shorts, sandals and hats:).  Here are some of my favorites right now!  (ps. there is one long sleeve black and white stripes shirt in there - but it was SO cute and SO cheap; on sale right now).

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


For the past few week, I have been obsessed over the idea of incorporating some blue/navy tones into my house.  Blues seem to be popping up everywhere - pillows, throws, rugs, chairs, etc.

I started playing around with the idea of whether I would be brave enough to put a blue antique/faded looking rug in my front living room.  This is the first room/space people see when they walk into my house, and I love making statements.  However, I also want this space to be that white and modern look.  So for now - I started messing around with some inspiration boards to see if I could get used to having a colored rug.

It all started with this photo by Studio McGee -

This amazingly gorgeous rug from Serena and Lily is just too much for words....gorgeous.  The overall room is very bright and white - but this rug and that coffee table really add some dimension to the space.

Unfortunately, I already have some furniture, and can not be replacing it at the working with what I had - here is what I came up with.  PS - the pillows are currently on sale for only $17!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


For those of you that follow along on my instagram account - you have seen me post a few pics wearing some outfits from an online clothing boutique Mas + Ford.  I love instagram for so many reasons, one being that it always feels so 'close to home'.  Everyone seems very real, very down to earth.  While the photos at times seem to get a little out of hand...I mean who can really have THAT many amazing photos of their house?! lol - I still feel like it is a bunch of hard ass working ladies out there killing it in all types of industries.

One of these hard working ladies is Jules Roberts from Mas + Ford.  Jules started Mas + Ford in 2015 and just happens to live a few houses down from me;)...lucky me!!  I never knew I had such a talented fashionista so close to me until we found each other through instagram.

Here are some of the pieces I was lucky enough to try on a few weeks ago;).  Please check out her online shop - the clothing is spot on, and the prices are super awesome.  She just received in new spring/summer items and is constantly updating her inventory.


Love this one for night out - or day of shopping and or running errands; or even as a cover up this summer -

Perfect for a summer vacation night/dinner out; or again for a cute cover up while on vacation -

LOVE this one for STL Cardinals games this summer -

This one would be perfect for those nights out that you don't want to be too dressed up, but still wear something unique and dressy -


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