Wednesday, February 3, 2016


How often do you buy things for your house?  How often do you feel the need to buy a different rug, or wish you had bought a different coffee table, light fixture, etc.?  I feel these things ALL OF THE  My  husband always tells me that I am never satisfied, I always want more.  Maybe this is why he thinks this way?  When it comes to decorating my house, my styles, wants, likes seem to be ever evolving, and changing.  

I also think part of it has to do with the fact that I try and always be ultra conservative, budget wise...and forgo the things I really want.  Then, as time goes by, I end up annoyed with my initial "cheaper" purchases and go out and buy what I really wanted anyway.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  No....?  lol - maybe it's just me.  

This week I have been thinking about this a lot.  I am working on being in the 'save' mode right now...we have a few big purchases coming up, and I set myself a goal.  However, Gwen's birthday party is this Saturday and my mind has been racing for the past month on things I want to re-do and purchase before the party.  Here are a few things on my list:

-Re-do the guest bathroom - hang wallpaper, new mirror, lighting, etc.
-New rug for kitchen
-Re-cover my dining room chairs
-Gwen's room needs to be re-done with her new big girl bed (that she doesn't have yet)
-New lamp for back room

What do I really think can be done before this Saturday??....ummm... lol.  I'll keep you posted on that.  

Today while thinking about this topic, I came across a handful of old photos.  A few of them were of Gwen's room after I last "finished" it.  I never really liked it, and it has been a gradually love/hate relationship since.  I have since bought at least 3 different rugs to go in there, changed the furniture around, added furniture, taken things out, hung curtains, frames, light fixture, etc.  But, when I found these photos, they kind of jumped out at me - they looked cute and clean and organized.  I found myself not hating the room as much as I normally do.  Granted a lot has changed since these photos were taken, but still - you get the point. 

I bought those letter flags at a cute boutique store in Cincinnati shortly after she was born.  I just had to have them at the moment, and then I got home and realized they didn't match the boldness of her room.  But I still think they are precious and wish I could incorporate them back in (I have since taken them down).

Her crib has since moved to a different wall...

I still think these bookshelves turned out cute, and were super resourceful being next to the chair.  At bedtime, we still sit in this chair and pick out books to read.  Only difference now is that this bookshelf is so overwhelmed with books, I had to take everything down and just stack the books anyway I could to get them from not falling down.

My Mom had found these old dresses that her Grandma had sewed for her and my aunt when they were babies.  I framed them in these Pottery Barn frames, and thought they were perfect on that wall. I still like the concept, but needs tweaking.  They have since come down and are sitting behind the big gray chair.

Here are a few more - taken at a different time, a few months after the above photos.  You will see some changes, but kind of same overall feel.  Obviously the non-good photos were taken with my iPhone, while the pretty lighted ones were taken by the talented Ashley Behrle.  

Still love this light fixture -

Not sure my exact point of this post, other than to encourage you to be confident in your design choices, and happy with what you have at that moment in time.  Be grateful:).  Because you are always your worst critic.  


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