Friday, February 19, 2016


I am constantly getting tons of retail magazines/catalogs in the mail.  All from some of my go-to retailers: Pottery Barn, Ballard, West Elm, C&B, Land of Nod, PB Kids, Target, etc.  One of my favorite things to do is sit down and casually flip through them, checking out any new product photos I didn't see last catalog.  But, lets get realistic here - with 2 kids, a dog, husband, career, side projects, a house to clean, etc. - who has time to just casually sit down and flip through magazines day dreaming about the next project?  So, the majority of the time these end up getting stacked up, shoved somewhere out of site - and then eventually pitched when I realized I have probably seen anything new already through social media, web, etc.  

The downside to all of this is - sometimes I worry I do not see all of the latest product, layouts, design ideas, etc.  And in turn, I am not up with up, per say.  Until this morning.  I thought why not round up a few of the most recent catalogs that have come and share my favorite photos, rooms, etc. here for you all to view.  That way - you all don't have to save these things forever (guilty), and I get to have an excuse to flip through:).  Perfect.

First up is Ballard Designs - one of my favorite retailers:

This room gives me inspiration for Gwen's new big girl room.  I would love to paint her walls pink, and this photos proves I could use cheetah as my contrasting pattern.

Obsessed with this mirror wall, and again the input of the cheetah x-benches, and pillow.  I have had my eyes on those x-benches for some time now.  I would love to use them in a bigger living room, with large black windows, white walls, and tons of house?;)

 I have a slight obsession...obviously.

This outdoor space is amazing in it's own right.  However paired with those extra long, floor to ceiling black and white curtains and the room takes on a new life.

I had to share this one, because I want a rug like this!  I would most likely do the same one that is in the photo below.  Not sure if that is "champagne" or "mocha"?  Probably champagne?

Next up: CB2 - 

I want those clear acrylic coffee tables SO bad.

Need two of these bookshelves in my house.

This rug is one of my all time favorites.  They have in black too...and wish they would go on sale or something so I can have an excuse to pull the trigger.

Last up is Pottery Barn -

I would love to use this as a nightstand in a large master.

Great thought to put the TV on the console and fill in blank space behind with photos.   Awesome. 

 Here is another acrylic items - i am finally jumping on the band-wagon with acrylic; couldn't be happier.

Hung pendants as a nightstand lamp.


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