Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I have been waiting to do this post since I heard that Kourtney and Khloe's homes were on the cover of the most recent Architectural Digest.  I'm sorry, but not sorry - I am a huge Kardashian their shows, their life, their styles, their homes....blah blah blah;).  I was obsessed with Kourtney's last home, with her bold patterned shades and curtains, her "Alice in Wonderland" room, and her daughter Penelope's pink nursery with the infamous turquoise beaded chandelier is still my all time favorite nursery ever.

I was a little surprised when I looked through the photos of Kourtney's home.  It is VERY modern, very minimalistic, and very muted.  Obviously the home is to die for, let's get serious here.  However, I think I was expecting more of the dramatic choices that were present in her last home.  However, I have heard Kourtney say (on her and I's weekly chats;)) that her design style is constantly changing, evolving, etc; I can relate to that.

I do love this ceiling in her office - works with the height -

Such a grand entry - love the greenery here-

Living room - little too formal feeling for me-

Love the layout of this kitchen, along with the custom large stainless steel hood -

Master bath - I like the mix of black shelves with the more traditional looking stained units -

One of her guest bedrooms - I'll take it -

Love love this light in Penelope's room; I believe this used to be above Kourtney's bed in her last home -

Playroom -

Reign's room -

Master bedroom -

YES!!  I'll take this outdoor space;) -

I was kind of surprised how much I loved Khloe's house!  It is bold, but still modern and a little conservative.  I could never do that draped living room (I would freak out over those drapes getting dusty and not clean), but would absolutely love to be able to relax and hang in that space.  Her master bedroom is hands down my favorite bedroom right now.  I love the large shag carpet, curtains, as well as the large chaise she has in the corner.

Khloe's closet - that Schumacher wallpaper on the ceiling is gorgeous -

Love this space!  And that rug -  black and white gone wild -

These dark floors make me want to put this on the 'next house' list -

This Ann Sacks marble in the master bath is perfect -

My favorite bedroom right now -

What did you all think?!


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  2. Love! I have to say as much as Kourt's new house is Ah-mazing, I love her old style a little better. But... Khloe's new house is perfection!

    1. Julie - totally agree! The more I look at the photos, I like more and more...but, I miss the dramatics of her old house/style. Looking through her old house, I felt like each room was more exciting than the one before. Agreed! - on Khloe's house too - that bedroom is my ultimate fav right now. Thx for reading;)xo



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