Friday, January 29, 2016


I apologize I am late on getting this post up...we are out of town, and I had my days all mixed you typically do when on vacation, right?!

I have been waiting for the next Fashion Friday to share some of my latest finds at Madewell.  I LOVE this store.  Granted, some of the prices sometimes can be high on simple items, the overall pricing is not too bad.  And they constantly have rotating sale items.  We have one of these stores close to me - it is my go to for day to day, casual yet still trendy, modern, relaxed pieces.  I wish I would have taken a picture of these pants on when I was there - but I bought the Flea Market Flares below in black, and I am in love (and they are on sale)!  They are very flattering, and super comfortable.


Love these casual skinnies:

These are the flea market flares I bought - LOVE them!  Can dress them up for work - or casual for day to day too (and they are on sale right now;)):

Again - this sweater will look good dressed up for work - or totally casual for dropping off kids, running errands:

Another awesome versatile piece to wear under a jacket during the winter:

One of my absolute favorites - I wear this ALL of the time:

Happy Friday shopping loves!xo

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