Friday, January 22, 2016


Mike and I are gearing up to head to Breckenridge in a few weeks for a quick, last minute ski/business trip.  This trip was thought about, decided on, and booked in about 10 I really had no time to even think about details, (i.e. experience my standard travel anxiety) and just said yes.  For those of you that know me - know I am not a good traveler, do not really like traveling, and am a straight up homebody.  Somehow I ended up marrying an obsessive traveler (i.e. Mike).  I bet Mike could travel 300 days of the year and never once be unhappy or worry about any of it.  The confusing thing is that I never worry about Mike when he is traveling; never worry his flights won't land safely, or he will get sick, etc.  But, when it comes to me getting on that plane and being away from home - I freak out.  My crazy anxiety brain flips into this panic obsessive mode and all I can think about is, "do I really want to make this trip", "do I really want to go", "I don't think I really want to go", "let's just stay home"....etc. I digress... my effort to start packing and getting my snow stuff dug out of boxes, I have been on a mad hunt for a pair of winter boots to wear.  I want them to be casual, however, still somewhat stylish and functional with different outfits.  Much to my surprise I keep coming across - DUCK BOOTS!  Seriously?!  Yes - I am being serious.  I am seeing these everywhere.  And they are honestly warming up to me.  I actually almost bought a pair two seconds before drafting this post.  What do you all think?  Do you love these boots - or no?  I put together some of my favorites in the links below - which are shop-able by the way:).

How cute are these matching ones -
image via

Paired with skinnies, chunky scarf and tall socks -

image via

I mean - how cute is she?!

image via
Yep, I'll take a pair...

image via
image via pinterest

TGIF friends - I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Below are a few shop-able links to a few of my favorite duck boots - there are a few under $100 too:).


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