Friday, January 29, 2016


I apologize I am late on getting this post up...we are out of town, and I had my days all mixed you typically do when on vacation, right?!

I have been waiting for the next Fashion Friday to share some of my latest finds at Madewell.  I LOVE this store.  Granted, some of the prices sometimes can be high on simple items, the overall pricing is not too bad.  And they constantly have rotating sale items.  We have one of these stores close to me - it is my go to for day to day, casual yet still trendy, modern, relaxed pieces.  I wish I would have taken a picture of these pants on when I was there - but I bought the Flea Market Flares below in black, and I am in love (and they are on sale)!  They are very flattering, and super comfortable.


Love these casual skinnies:

These are the flea market flares I bought - LOVE them!  Can dress them up for work - or casual for day to day too (and they are on sale right now;)):

Again - this sweater will look good dressed up for work - or totally casual for dropping off kids, running errands:

Another awesome versatile piece to wear under a jacket during the winter:

One of my absolute favorites - I wear this ALL of the time:

Happy Friday shopping loves!xo

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Tomorrow we are meeting with a contractor to go through our ideas and thoughts on adding a master suite to our current 3 bed/1+ bath home.  It would be AMAZING to have - did I say, AMAZING to have a real master bedroom, with our own master bath, shower, space...etc.  My brain has been sucked into marble showers, soaker tubs, brass accents, bright lighting, fireplaces, lots of pinterest photos.  

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

image via
image via
image via
image via
image via
image via
image via

CLICK ON LINKS BELOW TO SHOP (I included others I love as well)

Friday, January 22, 2016


Mike and I are gearing up to head to Breckenridge in a few weeks for a quick, last minute ski/business trip.  This trip was thought about, decided on, and booked in about 10 I really had no time to even think about details, (i.e. experience my standard travel anxiety) and just said yes.  For those of you that know me - know I am not a good traveler, do not really like traveling, and am a straight up homebody.  Somehow I ended up marrying an obsessive traveler (i.e. Mike).  I bet Mike could travel 300 days of the year and never once be unhappy or worry about any of it.  The confusing thing is that I never worry about Mike when he is traveling; never worry his flights won't land safely, or he will get sick, etc.  But, when it comes to me getting on that plane and being away from home - I freak out.  My crazy anxiety brain flips into this panic obsessive mode and all I can think about is, "do I really want to make this trip", "do I really want to go", "I don't think I really want to go", "let's just stay home"....etc. I digress... my effort to start packing and getting my snow stuff dug out of boxes, I have been on a mad hunt for a pair of winter boots to wear.  I want them to be casual, however, still somewhat stylish and functional with different outfits.  Much to my surprise I keep coming across - DUCK BOOTS!  Seriously?!  Yes - I am being serious.  I am seeing these everywhere.  And they are honestly warming up to me.  I actually almost bought a pair two seconds before drafting this post.  What do you all think?  Do you love these boots - or no?  I put together some of my favorites in the links below - which are shop-able by the way:).

How cute are these matching ones -
image via

Paired with skinnies, chunky scarf and tall socks -

image via

I mean - how cute is she?!

image via
Yep, I'll take a pair...

image via
image via pinterest

TGIF friends - I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Below are a few shop-able links to a few of my favorite duck boots - there are a few under $100 too:).


Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We all know there are so many choices when it comes to online interior shopping.  CB2 has quickly become one of my go to's.  Per their website, they are a "modern destination from Crate and Barrel".  While I do love me some C&B, I almost love CB2 more.  Shopping at C&B satisfies my inner chef connoisseur, while shopping at CB2 clearly just makes me happy, while feeding my interior design obsession (because we all know it is a straight up obsession);).  I have been madly stalking their website lately, and I know you will want some of these pieces as much as I do!  That mod locker.... I can think of 5 places I want to put it at in my house right this second.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

Monday, January 18, 2016


This week's MIMIC MONDAY is focused on the mud room/back entry way.  I day dream over a perfectly organized entryway from my back garage that is bright and airy, has a ton of organizational elements, and fun quirky design elements thrown in.  I wanted to start with one of my favorite inspiration photos for this space (found on StyleMePretty).

So without further is how to mimic this look.


For our family, I would push for custom made built in's, or shop at Ikea for something that can fit in the space and appear custom built.  I would also look for lots of unique large wall hooks, with open wire baskets so I can still see the items stored.  I like having my kids participate in keeping their things organized.  I think it helps build respect for their belongings.  I also envision white painted shelving, with a black/grey skinny herringbone tile pattern for the flooring.  

Have you created a successful mud room?!  If so, please share.  I would also love to hear if these kind of posts are helpful to you when planning your spaces?  


Monday, January 11, 2016


MIMIC MONDAY is back!  lol - I never intended for this series to be my only post for the week, but due to busy work schedules, and kids - last week was a blur.  Here is to hoping this week slows down a bit.  

For this week's MIMIC MONDAY I chose to focus on what I call the "Pottery Barn look" kids bedrooms.  I had this on my brain...this weekend my husband and I focused in on our son's bedroom.  After Christmas, his room was a complete mess - he couldn't fit all of the new books he got on his shelves, he had toys spread all over the floor, and it just seemed like nothing had a home.  Right after Christmas I had moved the majority of his and his sister's toys downstairs in the playroom, however, because we seem to spend a decent amount of time upstairs, I like to keep some toys in Michael's room - so he always has something to keep himself busy with when I am getting ready for work, doing laundry, etc.  

The big push to work on his room came this past Monday (he didn't go back to school until Tuesday, so we both had the day off).  We ended up at the mall, and I obviously wanted to go into West Elm to see if they had anything new in store.  While there, they had a handful of rugs on a floor sale.  Michael and I both loved this one that was only $79.99.  It was a 5x8, but I decided to go for it, and use it to replace the current 8x10 (8 year old) rug that was in his room.  After the mall, we had to go to Ikea to search for a new bookshelf so he could have something to put the rest of his books in, as well as additional shelving storage space for lego sets, crayola machines, trinkets, etc.  I definitely did not set the day out to shop for his room, but you know how it is when you just find something so perfect, it gets you excited to start and finish the project - you just go for it.  That was us on Monday.

So...while at Ikea I found these two shelves, and had the hardest time deciding which one to get.  

As you can tell, I know Michael had just as much fun shopping as I did.  I always love shopping with him; he has honest opinions, as well as sometimes good advice, and we always have fun together.    I feel like it is one of our things to do together.  

After much debating back and forth, I went with the glass shelf.  I loved the open feel of it, and I also loved how it was a little wider than the all wooden one.  I forgot to snap a pic, but I also picked up two of these really cool lights that Mike installed at the top to shine down onto the shelves.  You will see it in one of the pics below.  I have seen SO many bloggers do some awesome DIY with these glass shelves...however, I ended up leaving them pretty much the same, with the exception of the added lighting.  

For those of you that follow me on instagram, you might have seen my post on my 2016 resolution:  "saying no"...  Saying "no" is my main goal for 2016.  I want to focus on the things that really matter to me in my life, and try not to get caught up spending my time doing something that isn't really what I want to do in the first place.  Sounds trivial, but, something I struggle with daily.  The reason I bring this up, is because all week I was telling Michael we were going to re-paint his room this weekend, we were definitely re-painting it.  I even painted on a sample color that we had decided on.  However, come Saturday morning, I started thinking more about it, and realized that while I would really love to paint his room, and I think the color I selected would look awesome with the new rug, the color it is now is probably 100% fine, and I need to just leave it alone.  I also knew that if I did go ahead and paint, it would take me all day, and there is no way we would have been able to get the shelves installed, mirror hung, etc.  Instead I would have spent the entire day rolling, cutting in, and re-intalling blinds that I really did not want to mess with.  So....I said, "NO", lol.  Again, seems trivial, but was a big step for me.  I said no, and moved on with the main project at hand, which was organizing Michael's room, and getting this new shelf installed.  

Here are a few pics I took while in progress.

This one is a good pic of the new rug.  Wouldn't a really light cream, white on the walls been perfect with this rug?;)

You can see the lights sitting on top in this one:

After my MIL finished this gorgeous new dresser for Michael, we needed to move the wire art displays we had there, and I wanted to replace them with this mirror, spray painted white.

Now, here are some afters:

Picture is a little grainy, but the shelves look awesome.  The lighting at the top really adds a custom feel, and the additional lighting is always nice.

Here you can see the new mirror hung.  I really like having this mirror here, it is the perfect height for Michael to be able to see himself while getting dressed in the morning.

As you can see - I think he loves it.  Which obviously makes this Mama's heart full.

So...back to the reason behind this - while working through his room, I pulled a lot of inspiration from what I describe as the traditional Pottery Barn bedrooms.  I actually am still on a hunt for a different bedspread, and am hoping to find something from PBK when I stop by sometime this week.  Even though I didn't end up actually shopping at PBK much for his room furniture-wise, I am always drawn to the clean, organized feel of the their bedrooms.  I love how each of their toddler/kid rooms seems to have a purpose, while still being cozy, functional, as well as fun.  The extra lighting from the bookshelves, and just the fact that everything is so organized and put away, makes Michael's room feel so comfortable and inviting; and after I am able to replace out his current bedding for a larger duvet, I think it will only add to the degree of cozy in here. 

Below are some of my favorite PBK big kid boy bedrooms:

Below are my tips in achieving the perfect, "Pottery Barn" kids room:

- What does your son/daughter like?  Is there something that resonates as their favorite activity?  Can they do this in their room?  Try to focus on this for the theme of the space.  Let's use dinosaurs for example.  Suppose your little guy is super into dinosaurs.  Maybe splurge on the dino bedding from PBK, but then search local for your furniture (i.e. Ikea), West Elm, etc.  Can you find a unique, fun dinosaur print you could blow up and use as a focal point?

- What is it that you need to organize?  For Michael it was books, lego sets, drawing supplies, and misc. trinkets that he collects on a daily basis.  Brainstorm what is the best way to organize these items and get them up off the floor.  For me, getting as much as I can off the floor is crucial.

- Keep it as simple as you can.  This would be the perfect time to go through all of your kids stuff, and maybe you can donate some of the toys that he/she hasn't played with in a few months.  I know for our family - this has to be done without the kids home;).  

- Choose an overall vibe to the space, and stick to it.  Don't try to over do it - just work through each piece separately, while still envisioning your final concept. 

- Lastly, try to have a little fun with it.  I would have loved to have found a really cool print, and hung that above his bed...however, I had already purchased the flag, so I kept with it.  Keeping it fun, and functional is something that I just love about the PBK designs.  

If this inspires you at all to organize, clean up, go through, etc. your child's room, please share!  I would love to see the before and afters.  Organizing makes me feel so good about myself, my home, and my life in general;).

Cheers to a great week/xo-

Monday, January 4, 2016


For the second MIMIC MONDAY post, I wanted to talk about the Hygge & West Petal Pusher (Gold), designed by Oh Joy!.

I see this paper everywhere!  And I am starting to become slightly obsessed.  This paper is busy enough to grab my attention, but still muted enough that it could be used in a small half bathroom or a bedroom.  And there are various color options, so you can match one to almost any space.  

-Petal Pusher (Gold); metallic gold floral on an off white background; above

-Petal Pusher (Blush); metallic gold floral on a blush pink background; above

-Petal Pusher (Dove); dove gray floral on a white background; above

-Petal Pusher (Pearl); soft white floral on a metallic pearl background; above

-Petal Pusher (Black); soft black floral on an off white background

I love all of these papers, however, my favorite has to be the metallic gold on the pink blush background.  I envision this paper in my daughters room - as the perfect compliment for all of the pinks and corals.  

One of my favorite uses of the gold paper is in this half bath below, done by Caroline Knapp of House of Harper.

Love the gold, again used in this dining room accent wall by In Honor of Design:

This black and white paper is awesome here:

This is exactly how I picture the Blush in Gwen's room; jiving off of the pinks - love this space!  Then I realized it was designed by one of my all time favorite designers: Christine Dovey.  You can follow her on her blog here; her work is to die for.

Again - I love the black and white; simple, clean and neat:

I love it all...



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