Thursday, December 31, 2015


We made it.... Christmas has come and gone and we are now trying to get the most out of our time off before the start of the new year.  This past week was a complete blur - I honestly can not even believe all that we have done in just 1 week.  We made about 3 trips halfway across the state, spent time with a lot of family we haven't seen in awhile, visited the ER (we thought - for a hot second - that Gwen broke her arm; she is just fine), ate waaaay too much, managed to organize and go through all of the kids toys (old and new), as well as throw in the normal day to day house stuff, and work.  My super sweet MIL did have the kids for a few nights, so the husband and I were able to have some serious couch time, and went to an amazing dinner date night to this French inspired restaurant in Clayton (Bar Les Freres - anyone local should so go; request table #8;)), it was so good, and the service was the best we have ever had.  

Because we only have one more day left of 2015 - I have started thinking about our life, and prioritizing the things I would like to work on come 2016.  2015 has been such a whir, I do know that one of my first new years resolutions is to start saying the word, "no".  No to anything additional, because I decided it's time to be honest with myself - I simply do not have the spare time left in my daily life to be successful at my current obligations (like being a good wife, Mom, running a business, etc). a nutshell, I hope to say "NO" more in 2016, lol.

I do not like making numerous statements regarding resolutions, because honestly I feel like it jinx's the resolution and discounts it from the get go.  Instead, I just want to work on continuing to be the best version of myself I can be.

One of my biggest goals that I accomplished during 2015 was seeing this blog come to fruition.  I thought and thought about this blog for about 2 years before I wrote my first post this year.  I am no where near where I thought I would be...however, then again I am so much further than I was when I first started;).  The hopes and dreams I have for GLG during 2016 are huge; I mean come on Pottery Barn - are you ready for some collaborations yet?!

With that - cheers to 2016!



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