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Hi ya:)  I wanted to start a new series here on GLG: MIMIC MONDAY.  MIMIC MONDAY is dedicated to highlighting a style, design, room, layout, etc and we will dig into it, detail it, and try to describe how you could get the look in your own home.

For the first MIMIC MONDAY I wanted to hone in on the gallery wall.  We all know what a gallery wall is, and we all love them.  However, what makes a good gallery wall, and what makes a not so fabulous looking gallery?  In my opinion, here are my top 5 tips you should think about when considering installing a gallery wall:

1. Consider the entire wall you intend to place the gallery on.  How wide/tall is it?  This is important, and the first tip that came to my mind.  I personally do not care for a small gallery wall placed on a larger scaled wall.  To me it feels out of place, and not thought through.  If you have a large wall, use the space up and fill it up (which almost always make the space feel larger).  

2. What will you fill the gallery wall up with?  Will you use all frames?  Or will you include clocks, monogramed items, initials, etc?  While I have seen awesome gallery walls that include miscellaneous knickknack items, my go to is a frames only gallery.

3.  What is the color scheme?  i.e. will you use all the same frames, or vary them; silver, gold, etc.?  Will you introduce different colors in your photos?  Or use B/W photos?  

4.  What type of photos will you place in the gallery wall?  Is this an area where you can hang personal, family photos, or will you stick to random photos of favorite places, maps, etc.  I know I will get a lot of people that will disagree with me, I am honestly not a huge fan of gallery walls filled with family photos.  I mean I get it - I love displaying photos of my family, and if they are memorable to you, and you love them - than by all means do it.  You just probably won't see a family gallery wall in my own home.

5. Lastly - what is your budget for this project?  Picture frames can get expensive fast.  Stating your budget from the get go - will help you narrow in on the size of the project, as well as how many photos you can realistically use (if using the majority of frames in the gallery).  Side note - I would definitely recommend hitting up Ikea for your frames; cheap and simple. 

My inspiration for this post came from one of my BF's who was texting me examples of her gallery wall she was working on with her husband.  Below are the various layouts she sent. 

I like this one, however, the photo does not do justice to how large the wall is.  I would rather see something that filled the wall better:

Here is a better pic of the entire wall space she has to work with:

Another layout - I love how it fills up the wall space so much more than the ones above.  The individual frames could be moved up or down slightly, just to vary them a bit, but overall - I like this one the best:

Lastly, here is another option.  I am not a huge fan of this one at all.  Too tiny for such a big wall:
Below are some of my favorite gallery walls I have seen:

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image via pinterest
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one // two // three // four // five // six 
*one, four, three and two have duplicates above;)

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