Monday, November 30, 2015


Hi ya:).  My family and I just got back from our annual Thanksgiving vacation these past 10 days.  It was awesome - great weather, family time and food.  I tried to stay off of my computer and phone as much as possible, but am back at it this week.

I took 549 pictures with my iphone while there, and probably 99% of them are of the kids.  There is no way I could possibly pick out my favorites, so instead here is my favorite picture that is a non-kid pic; Mike fishing.  Love this one.

I am fully aware it is NOT summer here in the midwest, however, hopefully a lot of you are able to take warm weather vacations like we did this past week and half.  Here are a few of my top go to's from this past week.

Birding Bag - A large bag to carry all of your stuff, kids stuff, husbands stuff, and everything else.

Piggy Paint - Love this stuff, but don't expect it to stay on too long.

Sound machine - So much easier to put your little one to sleep when there are others staying with you.

Swim cover-up - Same one I used - in blue (on sale right now).

Moisturizer/Sunscreen - This stuff is amazing - you can wear it alone.

Rodney Strong - Because you will need this and it is delicious.

Waterproof bag - I used this everyday in my bag to put my cell phone, wallet, extra diapers, etc. in.

Hat - Wore this all day.

Shirt/cover-up - I wore this a lot as a cover-up on the days it was chilly, (i.e. in the upper 70's).

Monitor - Luckily our house was close enough to the pool, which allowed this monitor to work poolside. 

Keens - How cute are these?!  Functional as well - Gwen wore them a ton.

Beach towels - So cute and my kids love having their 'own' things.

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