Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The other night, while I am making dinner Michael asks me, "Mommy can we make a dessert tonight...like maybe one like that has apples in it".  My first reaction was, no way - lol.  I am lucky to be making dinner right now, let alone have time to "make" something for dessert...I mean don't you have piles of halloween candy in the cabinet you could grab?!  

After I spent the next 10 minutes day dreaming about an apple crisp with ice cream, I got online and found this recipe from The Kitchn.  So simple, quick and I had all of these ingredients at home - and I am sure everyone does - simple.  

They did take about an hour to put together and cook - but with this daylight savings time change, it seems like we now have all this time in the evenings.  So it actually gave us something to do until bath and bed time.  

Here is the finished product - they were SO good, and I did not feel that guilty about eating one - there really is not a lot to them.  

And yes...I love having a boy and a girl;).

My little baker wanted to lick the sugar out of the bowl.


Let me know if you guys try this - we will definitely be making again.

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